Are you crazy about Advent time?

If not, it's time! But we also found a concert, a house, a movie and a buy.

All the ukulele of htiat on KidSpirit!

Welcome to KidSpirit for Esther's lovely songs, ukulele and dolls, as well as the books of the Mini Book! The institution also offers other programs for pregnant women and children with a curiosity.
Closest: December 19, 2011 5:30 pm

Help the Lives!

There are well over tens of millions of people in Europe Йletrevalуk a cinematic film that portrays a man who was trapped in a neck-down sports accident and a former "prisoner" friend. The film teaches us with a sense of humor that we can lead a full life when we are disabled, and that sometimes even healthy people carry a lot of hidden disabilities, which can be helped by the power of love and friendship. The film will be premiered on December 21 with the help of the Hungarian Film Distributor, Budapest Film for the Mobility School and Vocational School to offer the full revenue before the VIP premiere.

Holle mom in Szombathely

On December 18th (Sunday) you will be able to view the classic story from 10am in the Chamber Hall of the Mesebolt Bubble House.
The story of the Brothers Grimm speaks to an extraordinary world: the apple tree, the furnace speaks, the pots are broken, and the hippies sing. Holle's mommy can go out on a lovely day, and it's just a matter of visiting what she brings from this mysterious hut. The story of an orphaned child is about perseverance, trust, and helplessness. Happiness can be achieved, but it is not enough to just reach out and do it, and it is not always a simple task…

Shoe Box Concert - Hungarian Robby Symphony Live

On the zero day of Sziget, the Hungarian Radio performed eleven songs of two Hungarian pop-rock bands in an arrangement with the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. The Hungarian Radio Symphonies Live for the second time - and this time for fun - will be staged at the Budapest Sports Arena on December 19th, from 7pm on Monday evening, with Golgotha ​​Gospel singing a 200-member modern gospel.

Advent in the Danube Palace

The exhibition and fair of professional craftsmen will be held in the Danube Palace between 16 and 18 December. The Hungarian contemporary professional art can be found in every field of art and the community can meet with creative arts.
The exhibition also features Hungarian cross-border industrial craftsmen. The event is made even more glamorous and festive by concerts.