Is your child goodbye? You can make $ 40,000 a month

Is your child goodbye? You can make $ 40,000 a month

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Parents of wardens can apply for support of 40 thousand HUF a month if they go to work or family ward. The application is open from July 31st.

Goodbye to your child? You can make $ 40,000 a monthEvery child can apply for 40,000 HUF monthly support, and the EU application opens in a week. The orszбg full terьletйrхl can be made, йs 40 thousand forints maximum monthly nyъjt tбmogatбst small children in the workplace or csalбdi bцlcsхdйkben szemйlyi tйrнtйsi dнjбra - use the nyomбn article in the Portfolio of Index.A Hungary Бllamkincstбr oldalбn elйrhetх the pбlyбzatrуl szуlу leнrбs йs elхzetes tбjйkoztatу that all parents eligible to return their child to a place that is free of government bail are maintained by the government. In order to be eligible for support, it is not necessary to obtain a decision refusing the municipal worship because of the lack of a place to work, and also to have the child with special needs or early development and care. The application will be open from July 31st.
  • The Treasury has provided support for parents with children after child support who are raising a young child over 20 weeks of age and are returning to the labor market to return to work.
  • Support runs until September 1, 2019, until the child's preschool education begins, but until June 30, 2022 at the latest.
  • the Treasury provides up to 40,000 HUF monthly support to cover the weaning fee, if the fee paid for the placement of a child is less than 40,000 HUF, the amount of the support is equal to the monthly amount of wages
  • Because support is intended to encourage the labor market return of parents raising small children, parents who are already active in the labor market at the time of applying for support are not eligible for support.

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