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Bicycle bookstore: It's not just about whites

Bicycle bookstore: It's not just about whites

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No matter how many thousands of new places to stay, you have to look for witchcraft in the capital almost during pregnancy. At home, the child still has only 17 percent of his or her wages. But you don't care enough.

Bicycle bookstore: it's not just about headquarters (photo: iStock)Territorial inequality is also a Romanian problem: out of 3,200 settlements you have only 600. "When I was leaning in for my little child, I was greeted with a smile and said first. in a whirlwind, they took an A4 paper, renamed the name at the end of the list, and said they were going to report it? ” due to regional inequalities, there are many settlements in the country where it is almost impossible to find a place of worship. and by the time it is planned to be 70 thousand.It was wrong to find many new wisdom in Zaleb y In Veszprém County, the problem of regional imbalances has not been eliminated, especially in the capital and Pest counties. Viktor SzыcsThe president of the Bohemian Workers' Democratic Trade Union said to Clubboy that the main reason is that there are many jobs in these places, so more young people are moving into the neighborhoods, and so are the kids. In the capital and in the immediate vicinity, parents are now subscribing to wish lists to have less space. The same number in the European Union was 29 percent. A specialist in the Club Union said it was raised in group numbers in 2010, and in 2017, family sunbathing was called "family-friendly", and that was 11 thousand more seats. In the last 9-10 years, the currency - that is, the yacht - added 9500 new seats. Today, Hungary has only 600 places out of 3200 settlements. Of course, this has a negative effect on children, but most of all on mothers, and even on the economy: more research has proven that weaning is not only essential for a mother to return to work, but also to return to work. The government says that parents returning to work can receive up to $ 40,000 a month in support if children over the age of 20 are placed in the sun or at work. Those who do not have a place of worship in their place of residence, or who do not have enough accommodation in their place of residence. According to the study, a beginner graduate baby and toddler bring home HUF 152,000. The demand is constant, many people are looking for more jobs in the competitive field. even though middle-aged toddlers have doubled their average skin. " And there are many who go abroad to earn up to € 2,000 in the same job.
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