Ceremonies for a peaceful sleep

Ceremonies for a peaceful sleep

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To make it easier for you to sleep, develop a rhythm in the evening hours.

Sleeping is easier after the evening ceremony (stroking, laying)

From a month on, intermittent memory works well - it keeps repeating processes. The baby recognizes frequently recurring events, which helps her understand her environment. Therefore, after three months of age, you can record each activity in small ceremonies. Based on these, your baby knows what's next, and it is safe for you. It's especially important to tune into a peaceful, peaceful sleep before going to bed. Bathing, rafting, ventilation, singing - develop habits that will not burden you in the long runand the baby has a pleasant, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed mood.
  • After the last few games, there is only a quiet, lively activity to follow: flick through a picture book or pictures on the wall, or massage it slowly and gently.

  • If your bath is up, start the evening with time to calm down. Other warm water is just relaxing, blurring - notice how things are.

  • Before going to bed, ventilate the room, and the fresh and cool air will help you fall asleep.

  • Put him on the move to find the position he needs to fall asleep. Sucker cloth or alvубllatka you can help him, but a full baby bottle is not a healthy anesthetic in the bed.

  • Even if you are not asleep at all, move it overnight. No need for rugs in the leash, the baby is reassured if he wears his smooth naked toes.

  • Sing some nice kid song, your voice and your personal closeness to the important number, so leave the cue for a day-to-day fun.

  • A little light, the quiet talk trapped in the open door, reassures you that you are in the vicinity, but the noise from the air is disturbing you.

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