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How do you choose high school for your child? Is vile cesarean section safe? Are you allowed to breastfeed in your wits? In New Maternity Magazine you will find answers to your inquiries.

One of the most talked about topics in Hungary today is how much parenting costs. Who should - and really should - give? In our review, we looked at the situation in Hungary, the new trends and changes. We conducted a survey among our readers for a clearer view, the results of which can be read in the magazine. And, of course, the numbers have been written down to give you the exact picture when you need to decide.
Fools ask that kьlцn sleep in the crib or next to the mother. In our anesthetic clerk, we have broken down by age what we are doing to help a child sleep and how to make sure you have a good night's sleep. Szeretnйl visszafogyni into your old clothes? Then complete our test and find out what diet you can be most successful with.
Do not breastfeed once in a while! With this revelation, we welcomed one of our readers to the local ward. We wondered what the psychologist, the leaders of Bcsidsa, and of course, the mothers, meant to this.
THE szobatisztasбgot not easy to reach, so we asked our specialist to give you tips on quitting pelus. We also recommend books and forums to help you get the most out of your topic, but keep in mind that you don't go for nothing!
The page number is clearly written by Father Tamás, aka Dinnes Szabraz. The popular act tells you how you were prepared for birth and how you spent the first few weeks. The men thought we were also interested in another subject. Three men tell us what they think about the mother who worked next to the baby.
The Mummy's relocated team got up and running again. This time the lucky one was Diana from Balassagyarmatru. Slide plans to go back to the company in a year's time, where your appearance is very important. The young mom got lots of ideas on how to refresh her wardrobe, how to make-up and what to wear. Check out the results in the latest Maternity Magazine!


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