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What does a sick child eat?

What does a sick child eat?

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In cold weather, home-grown babies often get sick, especially when their older sibling comes close.

Don't get hot!

In the event of a mild, insane cold, no special diet is necessary. The child is slightly more impotent. It is inherent to the nature of the disease, the ingested nasal passages, which lowers stomach acid and reduces the state of health.The child moves less, sleeps more, does not breathe as much in the air; all this can lead to a reduction in the amount of dietary intake. Don't force it In this case, the baby should eat as much as you want.If you eat less than usual, you fill the deficiency with liquids, the simplest way, sugared lemon lemonade or tea. In this case, do not limit the amount of liquid (we count about another deciliter per kilogram of body weight a day), even in the case of night sickness, add a couple of sips. But let's not get too hot! Excessive fluid intake can render it unstable, upset stomach juice, and induce digestion.

What does a sick child eat?

Another is when the child has a high fever. In this case, the baby's excess eats very little or does not accept food at all. The greatest resistance is the solid food variety. This can be taken for granted when the throat is throaty, the mouth is swallowing, and the person who likes eating steamed boars is bad. On a day of febrile illness, we should not recommend the child with the usual diet. From a medical point of view, we advise that the baby be given pre-age dietary adjustment.If you are breastfeeding, you should often put it on your breast and breastfeed as desired. If your child has had enough, then choose the more easily digestible milk chips, fill the fruit fritters and fill them with the cooked butter on the third day, which should be simple this time. To do this, we can gradually make broth, meat and fat. The fluid requirement of a patient with fever is greater. If it's not bad, without tea and lemonade, it's time for the compds, the fruit juices. The above mentioned diet is naturally transitional, it does not contain the proper calories, and most of the children are slightly depleted. However, if your child's urine is still rising but his or her healing has started, he or she will welcome the pappy dishes, the larger ones the bread, the sponge or the spoonful of the above. The baby's bed It usually only regenerates slowlyand the amount of food consumed only gradually reaches the desired level. In addition to these diseases, antibiotics, prescriptions, and other drugs play a major role. However, treatment is needed. Be patient to cure, nurture, and feed the sick child, keep our hope, because after perfect healing the child's wound will hardly be resolved.