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Pregnancy: What happens in the first 9 weeks?

Pregnancy: What happens in the first 9 weeks?

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It is an exciting time, as the egg is fertilized and an important stage begins. This is when the internal organs and body parts develop.

Pregnancy: What happens in the first 9 weeks?The short but important period of fertilization, the first nine weeks, is called the embryonic period. After fertilization, the mucous membrane of the uterus thickens and the germination completes on the 12th day after fertilization. From the wall of the bladder, the chorionic or other fetal membrane develops, and the inner layer is the amniotic fluid that protects the embryo. During this time, the circulatory system develops and begins to beat the heart.The embryo resembles a tiny tadpole. Each day, the embryo becomes more and more human in shape: the limbs and fingers, nose, mouth and eyelids are formed, and the tiny embryos are formed.
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