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Don't stuff your little mouth with your pacifier!

Don't stuff your little mouth with your pacifier!

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It is better not to put a dummy in the baby's mouth, but to use her breast stimulation and often put on her breast.

Don't stuff your little mouth with your pacifier!

Doing so will help you start milk production and produce the right amount of milk. Although we are born with the skill of breastfeeding, the little ones must learn the right technique. In this, the pacifier can confuse you, as you do not have to suck it like you would breastfeed. This nipple confusion In addition, cumulation can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend breastfeeding. Do not automatically insert your mouth as you shave! Observe what you want to signal and make that demand. During breastfeeding, another vacuum technique should be applied to the baby, such as during cumulation. Even pacifiers designed to look very similar to breasts can cause confusion. Of course, everyone can serve as an example when the soother does not interfere with breastfeeding, but this is rare and unnecessarily jeopardizes the success of breastfeeding.
The dummy also has a "message" for the baby to say solve the problem alone, weight can mean a lot: pain, hunger, thirst, discomfort, loneliness. With pacifier giving, it's like telling us to listen, solve it alone. In contrast, near-breastfeeding is like that hormones are released both in the baby and in the mother, which soothes, soothes the baby (and, less so, the larger baby).
Many people have a dummy when they find that the baby wants to breastfeed more and more frequently, but there are also reasons for it: growing jumps, grappling, sickness, vaccination, separation anxiety, the appearance of new movements, This is difficult and exhausting for the mother, but in this case, it is worth warning you that this status is not sensitive: usually the demand for a couple of days and again.
It is also true that the pacifier may cause speech disorder and tooth development, a harapбstechnikбra can also be harmful. It is unnecessary to risk having an automatic doll to get the pacifier.
We don't want to silence everyone - now with dummy, shorter lush, sweet. We also prefer to accept it even when it is malicious and indulgent so you can release your senses.
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