He received mercy from Gerbe Bnes

He received mercy from Gerbe Bnes

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He was pardoned by Benjamin Gerbé Bder Jfnf, so he doesn't have to go to jail.

Grace Gerb Бgnes (photo: Hungarian National)The Publications Office has published a notice dated March 24, 2011, and reopened with effect from February 10, 2012. However, the mellйkbьntetйst, ie szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz medical and szьlйsznхi foglalkozбs gyakorlбsбtуl valу eltiltбst йrintetlenьl let йs fыzхdх the bьntetett elхйlethez hбtrбnyok benyъjtott grace kйrelmйt alуli mentesнtйs irбnt also elutasнtotta the kцztбrsasбgi elnцk.Бder Jбnos the alaptцrvйny vonatkozу rendelkezйse alapjбn - taking into account the igazsбgьgyi to the Minister, 'he made a decision on the pardon,' the Bulletin states. Gerbie Bernes was prosecuted for being at home. In one case, one baby was stillborn in twin birth, and in another, the child suffered a permanent health disorder and died half a year later. Asked for the mercy of Good Bbnes, thousands of thousands of petitions were filed against him, and thousands of them were exhorted. Following the announcement, Gerbie Bgnes issued a bulletin:
"Thank you to all those who have stood by me over the years, and have helped or encouraged me, through my love and love, to live through this difficult time. be aware of the natural need for women to be able to make responsible choices about birth conditions. "Related articles in this topic:
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