An old-fashioned idea of ​​autism has been confirmed

An old-fashioned idea of ​​autism has been confirmed

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In addition to the genetic background, it has been found out what influences the development of autism spectrum disorder. This confirmed a seven-year theory as one of the causes of autism.

An old-fashioned idea of ​​autism has been confirmedResearchers at the University of Cambridge and the Danish Serum Institute have discovered what is another factor besides genetics that is decisive in the development of autism spectrum disorders, according to a study in the journal fetal steroid sex hormones are the decisions in the development of autism. Even in 2015, the amount of prenatal steroid hormone measured in fetal water was shown to be higher than the pregnancy rate in which autistic infants were born. These so-called androgens are more present in fetuses than in females, which may be the reason why more autistic than females are. The estrogen levels of amniotic fluid were much higher in mothers who gave birth to autistic children than in those who did not. High estrogen levels are more accurate in predicting autism than previously studied high levels of androgen hormone. Researchers believe that discovery talбlhatу hormone levels and arachnids can count a lot. Most likely, these hormones overwhelm the predisposed genes. The research continues to find out where these hormones come from, from the mother, the fetus, or from the fertility. Further research may also reveal whether these same processes play out in girls.
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