Cute for the newborn baby

Waiting for nine months, and now he's here. He has his own nose, his eyes and his own will. And you look at him, excited and worried about whether the first moments will be as you both have.

Cute for the newborn baby

The first awakening

The baby is following the birth in an eagle most of us are alive. If you are lucky enough to spend this time together, you will have great opportunities to get to know each other. He looks up at you with open eyes, maybe sobbing and looking for your breast. However, shortly thereafter, a longer period of sleep is coming, as if he wanted to rest from the trauma of childbirth. It may also be necessary to wake up to breastfeeding. If you were taken away from your living room right away, you might feel like you're never going to see her again. Don't worry! He won't be awake enough. Probably more than you'd like.

The first sleep

In the meantime, be sure to sleep. It would be wise to advise you to sleep as well, so that you can rest on your paternal patents. However, you may not be able to do so. Because of the hormone and adrenaline rushes that follow birth, specifically You can feel our life. Of course, this also has its benefits. You can admire what a beautiful child you have given birth, and you can tell the relatives and friends of your interested parents the details of their parent. You're getting closer to this.

The first change of pelus

Ideally, the baby's baby will show you the proper steps for changing the diaper, along with a grooming, but it might also be a more routine room to rush to your aid. The first fetus, the so-called fetal sting, is a green-brown color that is very sticky to something that is very difficult to scrape off a baby beanie. However, as your milk begins, your baby's baby's color will change, becoming much creamier and lighter in color, making it much easier for you to get along. (Another request is that occasionally it will flow out of the most fitting pelus, but this will be solved with an outfit, an extra dose of buttocks and an extra dose of calm.)

The first feeding

If you are both healthy (they can eat, you should breastfeed), you may well have your first diet before you even feed them on a shorter diet. This small sip is not too much, but it contains very important immune substances. And for true milk intake, you need a regular stimulus, so put two to three urine on your breast, even if you would rather sleep and / or feel empty. If it turns out that you are feeding the little one with nutrition from the beginning, pay close attention to proper sterility and adherence to the prescribed amounts.

The first trip

If all is well with you, you can leave the church after a few days. Since it is theoretically not advisable to take the little one by the time you are two weeks old, it's a good idea to take the trip home by car (if not, ask for a car), unless you live within a three-minute walk of the resort. Of course, the right car is essential for a car trip. Before you go, feed it and clean it up a bit so you can trust that it might help.

The first visitors

It depends on the court whether the closest relatives are admired before or just after returning to the smallest member of the family. And the needs of fresh moms can be very different in terms of receiving more visitors. There are those who, during their childhood, did not want to see anyone, and especially when you open the door more and more, after the time of paternity has expired. mother's wishes are worth considering. It is important that only one (whole!) Person comes to you at a time, and that one who comes can bring something (lunch, nasal, banana, fruit), but if you forget this, you should not miss any of the classic vendors. respect when you are pregnant. This is how babies can best help with a your physical and mental recovery.Related articles in this topic:
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