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Little boy bomban again!

Little boy bomban again!

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Are you sick of not being able to fuck your pre-natal stuff yourself? Do you want to be not just a mom again but also a woman? If you take our tips, you will be the most glamorous mum in your neighborhood this spring.

It is a place that kills everyone in the head, but so does the killing of a stomach that stuck with us after birth. Until you consciously pay attention to what you eat in a single day, as long as you put your child's leftover dinner on your own, until you finally decide to change, nothing will happen. But you can get to the big transformation with small steps!

Get rid of the empty caliber!

If you have a hard time changing your lifestyle, then do not do anything in the first 1-2 weeks, just write down what you eat that day. It is important that you really include everything you eat: a two-bite sandwich for your breakfast, a cheesecake that you just "wanted", fruit, greenery, your baby's leftovers. The simplest thing is to have a little notebook that you can instantly start eating. At the end of the day, you'll be amazed at how many empty calories you bring in unnecessarily that day.
Well, if you regularly keep your eating diary, because if you have a good daily snack, it will keep you from snacking, telling you to sin again, and you will not eat lollipop. Another good idea is to look at the contents of the kitchen cabinets and the cool ones. Take a great breath and read through the list of food ingredients. I have to admit that I had never been one of the conscious nutritionists before, but reading such a dulletin was jolly in my head. Did you know, for example, that pre-packaged bacon contains added sugar (!!)? I did not know, in fact, based on the advertisements, I tended to believe that fruit yoghurt contained only lean yoghurt and fruit. No, no. If you thoroughly pat the shelves at home, you will find that the sugar is present in almost all home food.
If you have done something sweet yet healthy with a knife that you thought was healthy (slices of muesli, 1-2 cubes of chocolate with high cocoa content, thick rye), then change it here too! Set a new rule: Snack foods should only contain some natural sugar, no more than 2-3 dg. Both raisins and dried red cranberries came in. But it can be diul, almond, hazelnut, pistachio, it is important that you do not add any added sugar or crunch to your choice!

Take a break 2-3 times a week for sports!

New Tastes, Healthy Foods!

If your family is very fond of meat and often puts pork or beef on the family table, try some healthy alternatives. Fish can be a good decision, but if you are old enough, good bonuses can come. I remember, the year after my third birth, I started losing weight in the beginning of my quest to lose weight in a bio store where I had a pair of rye soy parsley in a basket, and a dash of cereal sauce. I was looking forward to coming home and was already ringing the veggie pariser. His taste was surprisingly similar to the real thing, and it was good to chat. But the soya sniffer was disappointing, and besides the dripping aroma it was as much a sensation as if I had smoked a fresh sponge.
The cereal sausage is a stacked potato tuning debut this weekend. The smell of pepper and paprika was very much like that of a conventional pepper, and the family voted with confidence, eagerly celebrating the new. However, my favorite was the cello, which I had garnished with drizzled onions, and it was as if I were eating the coolest chicken. Of course, I didn't become vegetarian, but to this day, I still have veg-days when we "cheated" on our family and made our lunch.

Everything you can eat!

If you succeed in eliminating white sugar and white flour from your diet, you will make the most of your weight loss! If you read it a little, you'll find that there is a healthy alternative to all your favorite foods. Instead of scones, it is a fitness croissant, instead of a cocoa snail a fitness croissant. I needed 3 weeks to experiment more and more with new tastes in the kitchen.
I made myself a wonderful pizza made from oatmeal flour, tuna pizza, almond flour and honey. I used cone syrup, which was a concentrated juice of the same name. The taste is divine, and the skin is a bit peppery, but it is much healthier and less expensive than white or brown sugar. I realized that I could replace almost all the ingredients I have used so far with a healthier one, so I experimented with making a large serving of white flour and sugar-free Somlu dumplings for a friendly mix. I myself was surprised that no one was complaining, and the subtlety of reform disappeared in an instant.

Get moving and not like a piglet!

For me, disability used to mean fasting before, but with this "mindful" method, you don't have to! If you pay attention to what you eat, and succeed in devoting 2-3 times a week to sports, you are guaranteed to change your spring-summer clothing! And here's what I promised you years ago: Don't be like a family cookbook. If your kid's leftovers are left over, if your head is ready to eat one-third of your dinner, don't be overwhelmed, and don't include the leftovers!Top 3 Websites for Life Saving
  • Sugar Free - Community on Facebook: Lots of helpful ideas, kind, helpful, inspiring members, and lots of good recipes.
  • Pocak Panna Paleo Cuisine: Plenty of Recipes, Success Stories and Tips for Replacing Common Ingredients
  • LifeT! Lt program: Everything about life. Workout plans, calorie diets, and disorderly style, and change philosophy.