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The number of kindergarten places is two thousand

The number of kindergarten places is two thousand

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By the end of 2016, the number of kindergarten places will be about HUF 2.5 billion, according to the Minister of National Economy at a meeting in Budapest on Saturday.

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At an online Family Magazine and Community Event on Saturday, the Minister of National Economy said that the government will continue to support families in the future, with measures being taken in the future, as well as in 2016.

There will be more ovis cubicles

At the heart of government economic policy, since 2010, families have been focusing on, and they want to do more in tax, contribution, and support policy - emphasized Miha Varga. At the Kárrolyi-Csekonics residency in Józsefváros, the minister gave family donations to children, children and health professionals, and institutions.
The award has been given this time in four institutions and six individual categories based on nominations and votes from online magazine readers. 2014 szьlйszetйnek Egyesнtett the Holy Istvбn йs St. Lбszlу Kуrhбz szьlйszetйt, bцlcsхdйjйnek the county Csongrбd Algyх Bуbita Bцlcsхdйt, уvodбjбnak the pilisszentivбni Heidi Nйmet Nemzetisйgi Magбnуvodбt, mнg csalбdi napkцzijйnek the Bбcs-Kiskun county Solt PETJES Csalбdi Napkцzi йs Jбtszуhбzбt vбlasztottбk the olvasуk. The Csalбdhбlу.hu website was launched in May 2011, and the portal is intended to inform, in addition to providing information, "to make Hungary a family-friendly place to read".