Hairdressing At HomeYou can cut pretty girl hairstyles

Medium length hair is not that complicated to cut. If you have the right hairstyle and a little hairstyle, you can create a great new hairstyle for your girl.

You can do the tricks that work with little boy's critters, because little ones can't do it long and calmly. It is important to have the right tool and calm conditions. It's a good idea to schedule a day or two ahead of the holiday so that you can go for a little haircut if needed.

Put an ovary in the upper third of the head. About five inches from above, we start the head, go backwards, and finish the scalping at the same height above the other. Fold the amount of frizz wrapped over the top of the head. Make a horizontal selector with two centimeters on the back of the head and mark this section as well.

Keep your straight hair smooth and cut the length you want. Start on one side and go from piece to piece: finish, finish and so on. You can keep the hair with your body or between your fingers. Always adjust the following tongue to the previous length.

You lower the next floor hair, finish it, and cut to the bottom layer. For a nicer hairstyle, if you cut this layer a little shorter, the top curly hair will come next. Make this a little shorter than the previous one.

If you want to cut a bangs, cut the hair back and insert a triangle. The two ends of the triangle are on the fishnets and the third is above the head. Bring this piece forward, pull the other piece back together. Cut your hair horizontally under the eyes as it will be shorter after drying, don't cut it! With the small tip below, you can pinch it at the bottom of the bangs a few times to make your fall more natural.

Hairdressing at home