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The best apple baby recipes

The best apple baby recipes

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In Hungary, apples are traditionally the first food a baby gets to know. Let's see some apple recipes for babies.

The best apple baby recipes

One apple a day: Keeps the doctor away - the well-known English proverb applies to eating one apple a day. We give it to baby puppies by all means, but we are talking about very healthy fruit anyway. Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium. We give most apples as a dietary supplement. It is easy to digest and also has the added benefit of not being allergic. According to the recommendations, babies up to six months of age need nothing but breast milk. After that, you can start breastfeeding, and as your name implies, you can breastfeed your baby, so make sure you do not choose to breastfeed. We love this baby. Some recipes from apples to babies are offered.Almapьrй (You can add a 6 day card)
Ingredients: 1 ripe, juicy, sweet apple.
Preparation: Grate the apple on a glass grater finely. A few drops or a small apple apple can be the baby's first taste. You can also make the powder by tapping on the screen. It can be diluted with breast milk or boiled (and cooled) water.An apple (6 days ago)
Ingredients: 2 medium sized, ripe, sweet apples.
Preparation: Wash the apples thoroughly and wrap them in aluminum. In a oven preheated to 180 degrees, the oven is soft. Once softened, mix and remove the kernel and seeds. Fork it up. Or, you might want to try it like a roasting pan: we can drain the inside.Alms potatoes (6 days ago)
Ingredients: 1 ripe apple, 1 small potato
Preparation: Cook the potatoes and blend them with raw apples. If necessary, dilute with breast milk or potato topping.Almond oatmeal
Cook one part oatmeal with 3 parts water. Let's wash a smaller apple, pick it up, pick it up, and chop it up. Add the oatmeal and cooked apples to the oatmeal until they are softened. After that, blend together.
(Later, it's a very varied, and still light, fast food option: we can add yogurt or some charcoal powder. We can fool it with cinnamon.)Alma Tъrуval (6-11 months, depending on whether the family has an allergic history)
Contributions: 1 medium sweet apple, 3 tbsp lean cow, after 1 year we can add 1 tbsp. ice.
Preparation: Finely grate the apple with a glass grater. The container is compiled and added to the apple pie.Birthday cake for annuals
Immerse 10 kg of oatmeal on each egg in enough organic rice milk (or water) to cover it well. Let's cook it now. We blend 1 banana and 2 to 3 apples with a bot mixer and mix it with the cooked oatmeal. The mixes are turned into 18 cm diameter cake molds, topped with banana rings and 200 degrees, approx. three quarters of the city. Banana rings can also be put on the baked cake raw.


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