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"I love this kid too!"

"I love this kid too!"

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At first we would think: A new family is the foundation of a child. Fortunately, there is an example where the opposite is true. It is best for the affected priest to tell about it.

Soap opera

Imre Horváth (37) Business Manager
Judit Gyenge (36) is a commercial assistant
Viktoria (15), Zaphia (12), Boglárka (4), Borbála (3)
- I believe in fortune. My first and only job was very well received, and my life was just as it could be in a Brazilian soap opera. I'm a business manager at a software development company. I've been programming since I was teenager. At that time, Commodore 64 was still new. Nowadays, of course, it's quite normal, and you can't remove your teen's imprint from your laptop.
During my university years, I met Jutk in a conference call. Something went off between us, correspondence, but over time our lives turned away. Despite this, we stayed in touch while I was official for your wedding. She was born two daughters, I grew older too, so we're finally out on the road. At least that was what we thought. After Gyes, he contacted old acquaintances, and so did me. None of our marriages worked, our common problems brought us back together after ten years, and we continued where we left off.
Finding each other has not only given birth to two of us, as two little girls, Viki and Zsufi, have become part of our lives. At first I was present only as a acquaintance. We soon realized that this relationship meant much more to both of us. Initially, we lived outside because of the kids, but we organized a lot of public events and spent evenings with them. I remember after a tired day I was unable to go home, but to our great relief in the morning the girls grinned at us. Soon we were moving into a public house, so I jumped into the freshwater. While before I went to play tennis or play football whenever I wanted, the new situation brought me more into my life. The children had to be taken to school in the morning, and it was necessary to get up early, even if a wine tasting had started the previous day. There was a timetable for the evening rituals, and I didn't go into it, but I still get out of my house work. Born Bogi. We woke, so we thought there would be a newborn. It got out of bed nicely for both of us, which was unusual for me because I got the big ones "ready". Apparently, the bar was not planned, and fifteen months later Borcsa arrived. The first few months were very difficult, but that was how our lives were complete. Viki and Zhuhfi welcomed the little ones very well. Today, we can trust them, go to the theater, have dinner. We hold that we need to reconcile with the girls our calendars.

We became a family

I was very scared to get the big one in my adolescence: "don't give birth, you're not my father". Fortunately, it didn't. We're more of a buddy. I left the parent - mainly at the beginning - completely on Jutka. One reason you did it because you did it well and how did I come to start conducting it in an existing position? Little is the case, and now they have the basics to look at their God as their father. The big ones don't call their father, but that's okay. It's funny when little girls give birth to Imin.
Jutka got it that time: Who's gonna need two kids? But this was an advantage in our case, I really enjoyed their company from the start.

So we're a family

Lajos Hetyei general manager (35)
Zsuzsa, owner of a basic nursery (35)
Claudia (15), Mark (4 and up)
- When I met Zsuzsa about thirteen years ago, we both lived with each other. When I found out that she had a baby girl, I might have been a little scared, but she didn't stop me from intentionally approaching Zsuzsa with serious feelings. Claudia was a three-year-old wonderfully giggling girl at the time, but I was as excited as she had ever been to a meeting. I am very grateful to Zsuzsi for not forcing anything, so we were naturally able to get together with Claudia, and we gradually knew and loved each other. We met Zsuzsa alone and sometimes threesome, so once I saw her mother, and at other times the woman to be tutored. We move around a year later, we're living a delicious one now.
The truth is, I didn't think it was important to have a "common" kid as well, for me, KID was KID. I didn't want to take on the role of a blood-daddy (they met every other week), but I was very keen on it. I read a story to him, played, and really enjoyed the shows. I raised my own self, respecting the true father. Zsuzsa, however, was very killing a child. I was happy when Mark was born, and I'm sorry to have been able to experience what my own child is like.
Klaudia is now fifteen years old and has a very close relationship with Zsuzsa. It is great, of course, that he talks more with him about things, and our relationship is more friendly, we "hang out" a lot, tease each other. However, there is no doubt that there is a big difference between a big child and a small child in education, and there is a need for rigor. For example, it's difficult to endure teen slang, but I really try and there are a lot of places where we get crazy, and in that case, I can have a baby, so like her mother, we don't have that problem. Of course, we have some comments about education, as with any family, but of course, these are not for the children to hear.
Even with the dreary weekdays, I really want to be with the kids before going to bed with my family. I also think it is important for everyone to have time, Zsuzsa with her friends, hairdresser or whatever she wants, and for me to train, friends. But it is also very important to spend time alone, and fortunately we have the opportunity. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have always seen her in Zsuzsa and that we are in a really happy relationship. Everything good as it is with Claudia, Mark and us. Because we are a family.