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Fortunately, there is no need to be insect repellent in Hungary. There are some that are painful, most embarrassing, but none are poisonous and rarely spread diseases. So feel free to get out into nature!



The little black and the big red ant are equally biting when they threaten the bolus. Bar dripping is not a dangerous scary thing as many angry ants run around in a person's body.
What's the hack? Lots of tiny red, hungry, itchy patches.Gyуgymуd: If you need to apply a heavy itch, paste of bicarbonate, it will neutralize the formic acid. Without an ant, it disappears quickly.
Prevention: In the summer, be free to look where you go, wherever you are, it's smarter to always settle down in hell.


Even though fleas are specifically "humanized" fleas, the dog-cat breed can also lick human blood. Therefore, it is better not to strangle an unknown animal - you never know what's in your fur coat. Multicolored, grouped red outline with a small red blotch in the middle. The drops are mostly located where the garment is tightly fitting to the skin, the flea likes to hide in the folds. Fleas are not a disease, but an unpleasant homeowner.Gyуgymуd: Because of the terrible itching, topical treatment of the skin is often inadequate, and oral anesthetics may also be needed at the time of healing.
Prevention: If you catch a flea on your child, immediately bathe wash your clothes, and put on clean linen. Use a special necklace to flatten the houses.


Dangerous poisonous humans do not die in Hungary. But the cubs that live here are also poisoned. This white compound is not very lethal, but the slight touch is not pleasant to the touch. Although the cuckoos do not attack humans and use their nails only for protection, at night when they are more active they can fall into their beds. At this point, a revolving human being may be believed to be attacking. They tend to stumble, usually several times in succession. There is no connection between the puk and the size of the pork - the big pork does not drop bigger, nor is it dangerous or painful. A tiny red spot with a white or red body part, which over time becomes painful.
Gyуgymуd: Relieving itching, cool with ointment needs to be lubricated and it is thought of on a few days. Pukes do not spread infections and are very rarely allergic to pox.
Prevention: Thoroughly clean the area around the bed, regularly dust the bedding and bedding.


Female mosquitoes are so overwhelming that the stigma is lost most of the time when the insect that has been drifted is far away. At the tuft site, the mosquito supplies the body with non-coagulant material, causing itching, and the tuft site.
What's the hack? It is very itchy, white in the middle, prominent in the skin, with a red court. In the middle you can usually see the filter channel.Gyуgymуd: Whoever does not scratch thinks sooner. The itching stimulus is reduced by the cooling cream if there is a lot of dripping borogathatjuk. In Hungary, mosquitoes do not spread disease, and neither malaria nor AIDS should be feared.
Prevention: There is a wide variety of alarms for the skin, especially in young children, care should be taken with lubricants because they can dry and irritate the skin. Anthrax, spread over the bed, is much more effective. Electric alarms and smoke alarms are also effective.


The bees are dying. On the other hand, wasps can "bite" many times, which makes distributing their traps much easier. But both of them are terribly painful for the kid, who can easily panic if he has seen a cowboy by himself. A sign of fibrillation is the sudden, sharp pain of the black wobble vibrating in the wound. The distinctive feature of crumbling is that it rarely comes alone. A panicked or rabid animal can tap the same person up to a dozen times in just a few moments. Allergic reactions to lung cancer are rare, but may be more severe.After lingering watch your child - if any part of the body becomes swollen, the child becomes shaky, whites, may faint, or breathes more heavily, call for an ambulance immediately. Once your child has ever had such an allergic reaction, everything that comes next can become more severe. Adrenaline injection eases complaints quickly, but over the long term, only desensitization treatment by a skilled allergologist can work.GyуgymуdA: The ice cube is rapidly relieved, but in the case of laceration, the stump must be removed first, possibly with tweezers, to avoid injecting more material into the body.
Prevention: Bees, wasps should not be waged in the vicinity. They are attracted to the colorful dress, the sweet fragrance (not only the food, but also certain perfumes), so who is sensitive to softness, wear white clothes and avoid perfumes. Outdoors, all water should be closed, because the trapped bee in the oral cavity will drop, and as a result, the swollen lungs may be dangerously blocked.


In the rainy spring, fewer birds favor the propagation of ticks. Today, it is not just the walks that are at risk, parks, and even streets with few trees, can be ticked. Although the drop cannot be felt, the attack rarely goes unnoticed in the long run because the tick ticks are getting bigger and bigger.What is the tease? It's a couple of easy to find because it has a 0.5 to 2 millimeter black, tick-like tick, with its tiny body that looks good in the skin. Not all ticks spread sickness! If the surroundings are heavily infected, the home doctor may request vaccination against viral encephalitis transmitted by the tick. However, if you have a few short circles of blood a few days from the site of the drip, you should definitely seek medical attention because of the risk of another disease, the Lyme disease. At this point, a blood test will determine if the patient is actually already in the body and whether treatment should be given.Gyуgymуd: Remove immediately the animal, possibly with a special tick forceps that does not squeeze the stomach, so as to prevent the pathogens inside it from entering the human bloodstream. It is forbidden to apply any cream to the skin before exertion so as not to replenish any infected body fluids. The smaller problem is that if the head stays in the skin, the body will look inside itself on a few days. And long sleeve top. The trip will follow thorough evening examination szьksйges.

When should I consult a doctor?

  • If any child's body swells.
  • If the tip becomes stupid.
  • If a red spot starts from a drip, this indicates that the stuffing material has begun to spread to the lymphatics.
  • It is difficult to breathe, faint or lose consciousness.
  • There are bumps all over the body, not just where they are pinched.
  • Mother-Tip
    If there is no cream at home, take a cucumber, cut two, and put it on the drip! The cucumber cools and accelerates the healing of the skin.

    Use all the tricks!

  • Wash the drip with soapy water - it can help to eliminate allergy to skin residues!
  • Apply icing cream, apply ice cubes!
  • Not yesterday! If you can't stop it, then only with your fingertips, by no means! Scratching can infect any small drop and turn into a lightweight seam that can infect others! Therefore, if the drip gets wet and fluffy, consult a doctor!
  • Specialist: dr. Krisztina Rutkai, specialist in bodybuilding at the Buda Children's Hospital

    How can we control insects?

    Mosquito bites are a nuisance, but they are no more of a problem even if you have more than one swollen red blister. It is important to prevent scratching, because smallpox increases the risk of infection. Use the so-called liquid lotions or Fenistil gel available in the pharmacy to cool the spot. If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your living room, let's install a window on the window, as it is just drawing the evening. Do not lubricate the skin with mosquito repellent cream, as the active ingredients often prove to be too strong for the smaller ones.Also, the effects of artificial wasps have a major allergy resistance selected. Good behavior can help prevent unwanted encounters. Most importantly, do not hit the baby on the mouth and mouth, as swelling can cause even choking. Drink only water outdoors, the bees come to sweet scents. Metal boxed beverages work like a real trap: the insect enters, but does not, but the next sip goes into the mouth. When you paddle in the pelvis, thirsty bees are likely to appear sooner or later. Place a large plastic lavatory filled with water in the garden or on the terrace so that they can be enjoyed there - this will entice them to the side of the child. Where the fûts are taller than the fûzi, the little one should wear sandals. Although healthy for the naked, we can only protect it from getting into the pollinator's head. It's not lucky to have a cow. If the bee has been dripping, carefully remove the torn stump and squeeze the chopped red onion for ten minutes. Let's cool the pain and itch: cool with peppermint tea, ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, Fenistil gel, and burn with Irix. Caution! If you notice that the drip site is swollen more than usual, the area around you will appear to be blackened, and you may have an allergic reaction. In this case, let's show it to a doctor! It is especially dangerous if the drop is on or around the mouth. Since swelling can also cause suffocation, do not hesitate to seek medical attention. Until we get there, let's suck ice cream with the kid.Related articles:
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