That is how you need to "shake off" the gallium laser

That is how you need to "shake off" the gallium laser

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Almost a dozen years ago, he had withdrawn mercury chips from the market. The new removable hummers do not work with mercury but with gallium and are quite difficult to remade. Why and how do we lower the fever count?

That is how you need to "shake off" the gallium laserMany mercury firearms are rebuffed because they were precisely measured and easily shaved. However, mercury is poisonous if it is released from the humidifier, say because it is dropped and broken, then certain precautions have to be taken: since mercury is a vapor, it may be released into the airways. Therefore, you must collect mercury as quickly as possible, put it in a sealable box and dispose of hazardous waste. The place where you spilled mercury dust is worthwhile, because this substance prevents the mercury from evaporating. After banning mercury chips, digital chromas have become commonplace. They are very diverse, but the quality is quite fluctuating, with many odors very inaccurately measured. The problem, and the sticking to mercury, was remedied by the introduction of an analogue of mercury filled with gallium instead of mercury. It looks exactly like mercury, exactly, but it's a little problem with it: it is hard to shake.. .Because gallium begins to crystallize below 29 ° C, and only this is a superheated liquid state. But then what do we do? One of the most common solutions is to shave strength, hinges as long as you can - it may not be the safest and not always effective.You can we can shake it off. There are some hymns to which they bribe, which is actually the case itself. So let's not drop the chrome in the middle of it. The most effective and the most surprising: the chrome with the thin part down put on a sock, hold the socks by the mouth and pause them a couple of times.
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