5D Ultrasound: What You Need to Know About Roulette Baby Cinema?

5D Ultrasound: What You Need to Know About Roulette Baby Cinema?

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Nowadays, we cannot conceive of a pregnancy without an ultrasound examination. Aside from providing very important information during the exam, we also have the opportunity to "peek" at the baby to be born.

5D Ultrasound: What You Should Know

And the latest technology, 5D ultrasound, still does more. Ultrasonic examinations can provide important data on fetal development, size, and to check that it is developing properly. The most common ultrasound examination is a two-dimensional, black-and-white image, and is commonly used by specialists, because a 2D cross-sectional image Unique is that the high-speed series of two-dimensional images in space give "depth" to the image (3D ultrasound), and the fetus can be followed at some time: on the screen you can see how you are moving, how you are grimacing (4D ultrasound, the fourth "dimension" is time). This is also known as baby crib, which does not serve medical, diagnostic purposes, but parents who are expecting a child and tempt the curiosity of a baby will strengthen the newborn.The latest technical statement, 5D ultrasound even more, since parents can use the 3D eyeglasses to observe the baby in a realistic way. The latest photorealistic (FRV) image rendering equipment produces higher-quality images than ever before, which will be more beautiful and more impressive. It also has state of the art equipment more accurate, accurate and detailed examination. Compared to previous ultrasound machines, it is also much easier and more complicated to perform the procedures. Measurement of the risk required to determine the risk. Required examinations can be done relatively early, as early as week 12, and even the baby's sex can be determined early (because of the fine detail in this high resolution).