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There will be changes in the wards

There will be changes in the wards

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The family cabinet was formed, and the first was the loss of a social policy institution called Kopp María sociology, as well as a number of family-friendly family measures.

There will be changes in the wards

Zoltá Balog he said children are the most important thing to the government, so he gives priority to family support. As part of this work, the Family Cabinet was formed, which is expected to be updated monthly and will formulate recommendations and recommendations to the government, but will not make any decisions at all. Szу was йvi, tovбbbi emelйsйrхl цtezer the forint kйtgyerekesek csalбdi adуkedvezmйnyйnek jцvх the diplomбs kйt йvre bхvнtйsйrхl child care, as well as the 2018 tуl kьlfцldцn szьletх Hungarian children utбn also igйnyelhetх anyasбgi tбmogatбsrуl йs about the babakцtvйnyrхl.Utуbbiakkal noted that these children szьletйse utбni It can be claimed in half a year, so it is also good for children born after July 2017, and in Slovakia and Ukraine it is possible to ask for the presentation of a Hungarian card. increase the number of children who can be admitted directly in the care area.Katalin Novák announced the creation of the Kopp Marian Institute on Dec. 1 and the Treasury, which will provide research on family policy and necropolisation to help the government bemutatбsбt which does not kьlsх erхforrбsokkal szeretnй pуtolni the demogrбfiai vesztesйgeket but belsх erхforrбsaira the csalбdokra tбmaszkodik.Az бllamtitkбr kitйrt the tartуs бpolбst vйgzхk idхskori tбmogatбsбrуl szуlу, you have already benyъjtott tцrvйnyjavaslatra, according to which 2018 tуl бt sъlyosan the patient gyerekьket legalбbb 20 йven бpolу Parents receive a monthly pension supplement of HUF 50,000 after they retire. This measure affects 900-1000 people, he added.
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