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Five baby toys that are in every nursery

Five baby toys that are in every nursery

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Which five dolls are sure to be an important piece of the nursery? In our peer-reviewed research, we are looking for mothers who have children under the age of three.

Five baby toys that are in every nurseryYou don't have to do thousands of things for baby boats - the parents we're asked to do. The most important aspect is that the chosen toys are durable, quality pieces and move the child in some way - the mother is in harmony.
Let's see which games lead the first place in our imagination highscore.

1. Matatoufal

One of the biggest sliders in the under-3s is definitely the matte wall, which is a great developer tool. There was one of the parents asked who made it as a carpenter, but there were also some who made it from small little tools at home that believed to be a joke. The curiosity of the mat wall lies in the fact that the object placed on it (bell, latch, zipper, padlock, cup holder, push buttons) tries to make it active: twist it, push it, rotate it. The dashboard develops the baby's fine motorbike and, as asked by parents, has the indisputable advantage of attracting attention for a long period of time because children enjoy trying everything they have objects must be safe, they cannot be removed by the baby, and they must not have sharp, sharp parts that can cause injury to themselves.

2. Rolling Hoops

The playable, push, roll, crib games are very popular during the learning period. These toys are a great choice for movement and excitement, as wheeled animals, cars, and toy phones have to keep the child moving. It makes you particularly happy to clap, make a sound, move something.

3. Formabedobou

Form Factor is a handy and form-fitting game that has many nice and varied forms available for children ages 1-3. Interactive molds are a fun way to teach the little ones: when you insert the right shape, you reward the baby with sentences and music.

4. Sphinckockbock

"In the beginning, we were the soft, textile or sponge cubes that could be brought into the bathroom," said Verus, the mother of three toddlers, and later, the "foxboy". nбlunk very menх Nйzegeti, rбgja, can йpнteni йs dцnteni, ьtцgetni. "- mesйlte Rуzsa, whose son nemrйg mъlt in fйlйves.Az йpнtхkockбk elхsegнtik the finommozgбsok fejlхdйsйt, megtornбztatjбk the baby's fingers, megtanнtjбk recognize tйrbeli conditions, mikцzben baby kйpzelхerejйt йs kreativitбsбt is also being developed. The smaller ones are also better served with larger blocks, blocks and cubes.

5. Price

All of the answers to our peer-reviewed research include the swing, which, according to parents, is one of the greatest sources of health for every child. The rhythmic movement of the swing back and forth improves the child's balance, stimulates movement, and cerebral functions, including the ability to move in space. The swing can be fitted in the apartment, but be sure to always choose the right one for your child's age. In newborns, swings that provide a horizontal position are appropriate, followed by safe baby swings and, later, swings where the child has to hold himself or herself. Nowadays, you can buy a swing that can be gradually changed from baby to baby price so you can adapt to your child's needs.
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