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Fingerprint - Games at your fingertips

Fingerprint - Games at your fingertips

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Which kid wouldn't enjoy being able to mix colors on the paper to play with water? And the best thing to do is paint with your fingers and hands.

On weekends, during holidays, when there is less rush, family is at home, and they may be a little better off doing activities that have a lot of smudging than, for example, fingerprinting or fingerprinting. Because, yes, you have to pack, yes, you have to protect your clothes, table, and yes, you have to clean it afterwards.
On the other hand, the kid enjoys playing this game a lot and developing a lot.
Acquiring experience through touch is of paramount importance: the child will directly experience the properties of the material, observe the medium, check the color, mix the colors, observe how the paint dries. You can try out how to smear the paint, how your palms, fingers leave a mark, and let go of the fantasy of how these blemishes and clumps of the world look like to you.

In addition, it improves eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, visual perception, and strengthens the fingers (this will be good with the right pencil).
You don't need a fingerprint or fingerprinting other than ...
paints (this can be a kind of tempera, but you can also get fingerprints, fingerprints), and
on one big paper,
black marker pen,
And on our fingers.
Prepare a wet (wet) and dry paper towel for hand wiping.
In the first instance, it is advisable to try out what it is like to print with your little finger, thumb, pointing finger. Of course, we can also practice naming fingers.

Before going into each color, let's get our hands on it to prevent the paints from mixing in the pot. Or take it out of the paint into a flat jar, so only a small portion will end up in a big brown paint bag.

Paints and fingerprints can also give birth to humans, birds, butterflies, candies, all sorts of animals, or human faces, and trust the child with what he or she has created.
Fingerprint creations can be used to make a postcard for grandma, wrapping paper, or decorate the nursery.
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