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Hungarian women come to the ovary for ovum

Hungarian women come to the ovary for ovum

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Millions of Hungarian women who do not have the right to buy ova in the world donate their ova. The profession has been struggling with strict domestic regulations.

The article on reveals that Hungarian women go to Brno, primarily Czech Republic, for egg donation because domestic regulations do not allow this. Opponents of domestic egg donation speak of legal and psychological barriers, and doctors also suspect ideological reasons in the background. So there was one left to go abroad and pay the treasurer millions.Hungarian women buy eggs abroad because they can't be at home According to Hungarian law, there are two ways to get the most ovum in Hungarian women: anonymous donбciуval (which works only in theory) and can donate an egg to a superhero or male under 35, a close female, who has given birth before (of course, the sister is excluded). All this for free, the law prohibits donating money for donors, because it is a huge amount of organ trafficking. for a woman who is completely unknown, she has a child of her ovum. I don't have to explain why this falls into the category of fiction, said an anonymous donation center specialist at an anonymous donation center in Hungary who told me not to comment because of the sensitivity of the topic. That is, if someone does not cheat on a donor, they will not swear to have a child at home. the number of bear pairs is constantly increasing, and more and more they are not dependent on sperm but on egg cells.
In a response to a request from Russia, Bence Révvriri, the Parliamentary Secretary of State for Emmi, recently estimated that in 2017, nearly 4,000 children were born in Hungary to be treated as a bear. If the regulation of egg donation were changed, this number would probably be higher. However, until now, there is no other option than egg cell tourism. It can be said that the Czech Republic is the center of international infertility clinics, because it has, for example, authorized pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), which is the screening of embryos for screening. The other reason is that donors get a few hundred thousand forints paid by the couple who receive the treatment. .hu is the marketing manager for the company.A total treatment using Reprogenesis using an egg donor is currently 4,700 euros, that is, millions of forints.
Due to domestic regulations, there are many who seek egg on the Internet black market, but it is illegal and risky. In Hungary, too, the rules for freezing the egg are strict: not allowed on a social basis, but only for medical reasons. Why there is no exact explanation but hvg. en heard about a medical conference where the reason for all this was that allowing the freezing of the ova would put women in a false safety net. Many people to this day still remember the August 20, 2017, Mass of Andris Veres, Bishop, in which the Christian said the flask program was unacceptable. We go back to the Middle Ages - commented on the contribution of one of the hvg sources. According to experts, if the government really wants to give everyone a chance, the egg cell needs to be changed radically. If the Hungarian regulation does not give you all the options, you can buy more than one million forints in the future, only bypassing domestic regulations. In addition, two theologians are members of the 30-member professional body, and a third is invited to attend a general meeting at the venue -
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