If you give some sausages, be itOr what's your kid's sausage?

If you give some sausages, be itOr what's your kid's sausage?

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Everyone knows that sausage is not the healthiest food for kids, even though there are situations when you lift it off the shelf because it has a number of benefits.

If you give some sausage, it should be like that

For example, it can be cooked quickly, cooked, cooked, eat hot dogs, drizzled, and last but not least, the kid loves it very much. Many people choose for New Year's Eve, on busy weekdays or for fun with kids, because well-liked and easy to make йtel. You got up for cookers, hot dogs, cooked for dinner with bread or dressing.

What do we call a cover?

The sausage is defined in the Hungarian Food Book as being up to 30 mm in diameter, natural or stuffed, cooked, cooked, cooked, cooked, cooked or cooked. The meat content is at least 40% of the finished products.Chemical characteristics: protein content not less than 10,0% (m / m), water content not more than 70,0% (m / m), fat content not more than 25,0% (m / m), sodium chloride content not more than 2,5% (m / m) .Coatings: The casing is smooth, clean, with no grease greater than 5 mm below it. Its structure is homogeneous, peppered and the dispersion is uniform. The intersection is homogeneous, not more than 5 mm, only a few smaller at most. Contains no more than 3 mm of nymphs and lumps, may contain up to a few 1-2 mm. The sawdust distribution is even. Beside the taste of cooked meatballs, pepper and paprika can be felt, but foreign and side effects are not palatable.Nice, slightly juicy. The smell of cooked meat, pepper and paprika, with no foreign smell. In the case of smoked products, the smell can be felt in the taste and smell.

What do we choose?

We are not depicted, so we do not say that anything is possible. If it is necessary to give the child a sausage at all, then add the most meat, little (or not at all) the artificial adjuvant it contains, the flavoring, the content, the color, the If you have a list of ingredients, you should not choose that product. Not too many additives are harmful on their own, but we don't really know how long they have on our body. Too many additives can be slightly corrected by consuming a lot of Vitamin C (Vitamin C per day). 35 mg at day 7, 40 mg at 7-11 months, 45 mg at 1-10 years, 60 mg over 11 years). If you give your child a snack sometimes, you should make sure you add fruits and greens every day (if you can do it chemically and seasonally), because they take up some of the chemicals that make up the fiber.Related articles on Healthy Foods:
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