How Much Does Baby Baby Cost?

How Much Does Baby Baby Cost?

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What do we spend and how much we spend on baby screening months? What does it take to get deeper in our pockets? I asked you.

How Much Does Baby Baby Cost?6 years have passed since the birth of my two children, and my daughter is now 13 years old. As the years go by, and watching the baby linen lists, it makes me feel as though I am expanding. What do all of these parents buy? And what is a real need for?


Over the past few weeks, I have asked 60 expectant mothers who are one year old or will be having a baby soon. In the book, I have tried to compile a complete list that is quite detailed and contains the most important things, and even more. Of course, this is almost impossible because, as it turned out, there were some who didn't think there was much needed; other people have added this list to other things. because we had / got / donated or just got it "tick the box. See what's on this list and how much these moms have spent!

The baby room is furnished

  • mattress
  • diaper table / wardrobe
  • other baby furniture (wardrobe, shelf, chair, small table, etc.)
  • bedding (sheets, blankets, blankets, sheets, covers)
  • lйgzйsfigyelх
  • babaхr
  • breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding chair, rocking chair
  • csecsemхmйrleg
  • baby swing / pihenхszйk
  • mуzeskosбr
Interestingly, according to the results, infant balance is something that most parents do not spend at childbirth. Also, the number of those who are surprisingly high they have not moved to baby furniture, diapers, nursing chairs. They either get it from the knowledgebase, or think about it below.Those who have spent on babies have been donated between $ 10 and $ 20,000, typically between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 on a mattress the parents disappeared.Obviously however, parents spend on baby bedding: one third of the surveyed app. $ 1,000 to $ 5,000, the other third went to $ 5,000 to $ 10,000.From the list, the observer is what the parents spend more money on. 15% of the respondents choose between 20-30 000 HUF.
Babaхrt 25 of the mothers asked, and most paid 5-10000 HUF.50% of mothers consider breastfeeding important too. 16 of them paid $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 and 14 paid up to $ 10,000.

The baby clothes list

  • body, rugdalouzу
  • socks, carriage
  • cardigan, car coat
  • stockings
  • kisnadrбg
  • hбlуzsбk
  • pуlya
  • textile diaper
  • overalls
  • elхke
The highlight of the list is the textile diaper, as more of this has to be bought for the birth of the baby (under the baby's head, for a paycheck). The rest allocated between $ 5 and $ 10,000. But today's moms don't think it's important, because 40 have not spent it. What the majority spends, however, is bodyk, rugdal ($ 5-6,000 on average), small socks, stockings ($ 1,000-5,000) йs sapkбk ($ 1,000 - $ 5,000) and elхkйk.

Breastfeeding / feeding, diapering, bathing

  • eldobhatу paponrpelenka
  • moshatу diaper (kьlsх, inside)
  • he wears diapers
  • diaper bag
  • popcorn, popcorn
  • baby bath, bath table, bath tub
  • gummy, hairbrush
  • baby oil, swing powder
  • orrszнvу
  • lбzmйrх
  • mellszнvу
  • breast milk storage bag, crucible,
  • melltartуbetйt
  • cumisьveg
  • etetхcumi
  • pacifier sterilisable
  • cumimosу brush
  • baby warmthart
  • jбtszуcumi
  • cumitartу, cumitartу tape
  • itatуpohбr
  • baby kit
The majority of the fills (50 moms) are he dropped his vote next to a disposable diaper, they spent about $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 until the child arrived. A lot of people have bought buttocks and popsicles, they have bought it for 1000-5000 Ft and spent a similar amount hairbrush, kisollura There are 40 moms to bathe bath or other bathing facilitiesand 10 of them were willing to donate up to $ 5-10,000. Also many (50 people) have spent on baby baths and skin care products (up to $ 5,000), and 7 people are spending up to $ 10,000 on this product. a lot of people have spent on bra pads (average $ 1000 for moms) and more than half of the respondents mellszнvуt also bought. Here the majority can spend a maximum of 5-10 000 HUF, but a sum of 30-40 000 HUF has been marked in 3.Based on the answers, it seems that the baby bottle and feeding nipple We spend between 1000-5000 Ft, but rather than sterilizing the baby bottle cumimosу kefét we have chosen for a total of less than 1000 Ft. The soother also said no to the baby warmer. more than half of the moms are expecting the baby with their toy, although it is often said during breastfeeding how bad this can be for the baby. Most spend between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000. But a little less than a third of moms buy a baby bottle.

Travel, carry

  • pram
  • stroller accessories (rain showers, mosquito nets, etc.)
  • portraits, mei tai, kangaroo, etc.
  • babahordozу
  • babagyerekьlйs
  • utazубgy
The full list the most expensive part is the stroller. Here, 40 indicated that they had more money in their wallets at the time of purchase (more than $ 40,000 on average), and a similar amount was reported by those who baby for childhood Half of the moms have marked other types of fitness (kangaroo, scarf, etc.). There was foreignness here, since the amount spent from 1000 HUF to 40 000 HUF.


  • baby girl fölй forgу
  • jбtszуszхnyeg
  • rбgуkбk
  • a pure character
  • csцrgхk
  • strollers, car hanging toys
To get started, we don't buy games ourselves - at least that's what the request tells us. Jellemzхen we lose fly, beak, soft toys and suspenders for travel. We spend a maximum of $ 5,000 on something like this.

And what was missed

On the list, I asked my moms if there was something missing from the list.The moms have listed the following:
  • nipples and nipples
  • Night light
  • doll room decor (décor, wall stickers)
  • storage boxes used to store baby things
  • vнzhхmйrх
  • buttocks heater
  • toy disinfected spray
  • sun cream and sun cream
  • diaper bag
  • babanaplу
  • бgyrбcsvйdх
  • baby laundry detergents
  • breastfeeding
It is true that it does not belong closely to the baby leash list, but there were also those who listed the stem cell leaf costs. How much did you spend on the baby leash? Share your experiences with us!Related articles in Baby Articles:
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