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Since Petra chose not to hide in front of us, we thought we would help her lose weight.

With the eyes of the dietitian
What are we doing?
12 tips for healthy eating
Calorie reviews, tips
Julcsi is the second baby, the first, Laura, three and a half years old.
- During my first pregnancy, I was taking exactly 25 kilos, but unfortunately that is only the case with the current situation. By the time Laura was one year old, I was 62 kilos before I was pregnant. I listened a little more to what I was eating and how much, and when I started the tournament again, the last three kilos went down in no time.
For the second time, I was convinced of that, but the result was worrying. Somehow, I can cope less with my passing, and my energy less to take care of myself, Petra complains. - When it turned out that I was pregnant again, I thought I would be careful not to gain much. But I was tired, and I didn't want to deprive Laurab of anything. We had to go to the park twice a day or just take a walk. We played unbelievably at home. My stomach burned, I had a nausea, I couldn't pay attention to myself. The tournament didn't go well either, I quit before I wanted to. I used to argue shorter and then lose weight after childbirth, just like the first time.
However, this seems to be more difficult after the second pregnancy. Julcs is still nursing, even though she was suddenly omnipotent nine days later. When Laura gave birth to breast milk, it was not uncommon for me to breastfeed in tandem, both at once. Otherwise, I do not eat much, I am often hungry, and I do not lose a dozen months. My only regret is that sometimes I find myself eating the leftover turud again, half the apple.
Now I've made a tough decision: I won't wait any longer. I go to gym again, though, I only have the opportunity on Saturdays and Sundays, because my husband works a lot on weekdays, I have no idea what to do. I vowed to do strong, toned exercises at home as well. And reforming my eating habits, I don't want to have to admit that I have become a big woman who is stuck with kale.
Since Petra chose not to hide in front of us, we thought we would help her lose weight. We get in touch with Diet Food, which brings home the daily menu once a day: lunch for the day, dinner, biosuit, snacks and daily breakfast. The diet is not only dietary and wholesome, but it is also delicious, which is made according to the order of the customer by a dietitian and professional professionals. Diet Food (www.diet-foodstudio.hu; 06-20-9540-141) has announced that we will be serving Petra three diets every month.
3 weeks later
- The first week I just laughed when I saw the doses. I couldn't figure out how to type in so much. I talked to the dietitian of the company and told me that I was still breastfeeding the 14 month old Julchi, so we agreed to make a daily yogurt with some fruit. At first it was a necessity, but interestingly by the second week I have become accustomed to this amount. Not even my stomach, my brain, needed a replacement. You will find that you have enough of it, and it does not rub against it. In my experience, I keep it for those times when I am going to adjust my diet so that everything can be eaten, only the fat and the freshness need to be restrained. I get delicacies for lunch with a touch of green vegetable soup, like grilled sesame eggplant, chicken breast, tuna grilled, herbs cooked with rice, rice. Every day I get firefighting biosuits or purgative, green cocktail, cleanse.
And the result? I just left the great seventy kilos. I feel like nothing will hold you back from now on, and in a couple of months the "test pants" will be comfortable.
In 3 months - nine kilos less
"I see clearly now, it would have been easier if I hadn't gotten twenty pounds under the banner." But if I was already screwed up, I thought it was unnecessary to go wrong in the sky. By the time Julcsi came of age, I was taking part in the diet. With the help of this, and with the help of the Maternity Center, I was delivered to Diet Food's meal three months ago and was brought to my door. Of course, it meant a lot that I didn't have to buy and cook for myself. I learned a lot about weight loss in three months. I could see that there was just about everything to eat, but there is a lot to be done in terms of preparation, ingredients and small quantities. Today I made my food for myself. In general, I manage to reconcile the needs of the family with my calorie-free diet, so I feel like I have a chance not to get carried away, in fact, the remainder of the trip. If you need a year, that's fine. Now it's time, I can carry all my old stuff. The small work is still behind. I feel a little excess on my thighs, the cap doesn't look, but the pants are still tight. I get to do aerobic training two or three times a week, cycle and spend a lot of time with the kids. We don't give you slimming for free, but it saves the energy you invest.
With the eyes of the dietitian
Many people still believe in the idea that eating instead of two during pregnancy is the only way to provide the fetus with enough nutrients.
With this approach, it is primarily possible to obtain the landing of unwanted rabbits. It is a vicious circle as we move harder, eat as much or as much as before to comfort ourselves and gain weight. What would be our goal? Our fetus should be able to develop and naturally eat healthily. Keeping this idea in mind, and consciously developing our diet based on expert advice, can bring much better results.
What are we doing?
Hormonal changes in the body also play a role, but we should not forget about the foods we consume in large quantities. Something's true, we're asking for more and more food in the initial period. Anyone suffering from persistent inertia will soon realize that one or two mites can relieve unpleasant sensations. The emphasis should be on quantity and quality! Not only sugar, creamy meats, greasy meats and pastries can dampen our flesh. Vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, healthy cooked foods can alleviate your hunger, but we won't go away.
12 tips for healthy eating
1. A varied diet does not lead to exercise. You also need to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to take care of its lines. The daily diet should consist of 55-75 percent carbohydrate, 15-35 percent fat, 10-15 percent white! We buy from a variety of raw materials and cook our food using a variety of kitchen technology. In addition to the usual cooking, let us roast, cook, grill, cook food in aluminum or roast.
2. Fewer fats should be used in the preparation of food and should include mainly vegetable oils (corn, olive oil, cold pressed oils) and margarine, as well as animal fats And in small quantities.
3. Let's make a good use of you, and feel the greens and flesh's original feel. We choose sea or jet ski. We use fresh or dried herbs that provide a variety of harmony to our food.
4. Ignore the sugars, sweeten them with honey, or sweeteners. Instead of candies, chocolates, cakes, let's try the fruit, the fruit salad. You see, this also dampens the urge to go after. You can also eat raw greens if you just want something to eat.
5. Include daily milk, half a liter, or equivalent dairy products in your diet. You can choose from natural or fruity yoghurts, kefir, cheese, yogurt. Note that in-store fruit yoghurt contains sugar, not much! It is best to chop fruit into 0% yogurt.
6 Vegetable, raw fruit should preferably be consumed at every meal. Let's get it right - the colder the palate, the more sure we are of getting more vitamins, valuable minerals. Consuming raw or steamed greens can also prevent constipation.
7. We eat brown bread instead of white! We can eat multi-seeded bread, dandruff, rye bread according to taste.
8th Multiple times, little! Distribute your daily nutrient intake evenly for five occasions! Do not tweak it between meals, let it be snacked!
9. Tap water, breeze water, is best suited for reducing thirst. Count the sugary drinks, the alcoholic drinks!
10. Recommended foods for abundant consumption: fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy products, brown bread.
Recommended foods for normal consumption: lean meats, oil, margarine, eggs, rectangles.
Foods to Avoid: Fatty meats and meats, sweets, ice creams, spirits.
11. Always plan ahead what you will eat during the day, get your food in time, and have lunch, dinner, and a healthy snack in the morning. We may not be able to eliminate our hunger with blindfolded snacks.
12. Regular Exercise Complete Healthy Eating. If you've never been to gymnastics, let's jump on a bike now and go big on the longer spring evenings. It wasn't good for any healthy baby. At the end of the week, when we have more time, we can work big, swim, move our members under water.
No fasting!
It is worth examining the composition of the food. If it is possible to choose between a fat and a less fat meal, it is imperative that you choose less fat or calorie free. However, this does not mean fasting. Eat as much of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need as you need, live well, and feel good about losing weight in the middle of the day.
Calorie reviews, tips
Calculating calories is not one of the pleasant tasks. But if we have a couple of extra kilos left after birth, we can hardly do more. We are adding help to this.
If you consume only 1,500 calories of energy per day, you will certainly lose weight. Breastfeeding young children who are moving a lot because of their small child do not need a more radical diet. The 1000-1200 calorie diet is inadequate at this stage of life because it leads to excessively fast weight loss. If someone is very discouraged and impatient with his / her soul, but only if he / she is not breastfeeding, and only for a short time, to the first visible result, then regain the tempo!
The main antithesis of weight loss is the genus, which is hidden in countless forms in our food. We do not know or need to know, but if we have the opportunity, we should rather choose low-fat products! No tips!
Empty cheese29.4 g crn / 100 gУvбri18.5 g crn / 100 g
Trappist cheese27.7 g crn / 100 gCottage cheese8.4 g crn / 100 g
Italian broke up30.8 bands / 100 gGйpsonka7.1 g / 100 g
Tйliszalбmi46 g / 100 glanguage Mosaic5 g / 100 g
Tejfцl20 grams per 100 gramsNaturally yogurt4 g crown / 100 g

Milk and dairy products
Buy milk with a fat content of 0.1-1.5 grams / 100 grams, with 12 percent good choice for sour milk. Let's pay attention to the added sugar in yogurt, preferring the natural variation and tasting it with fresh fruit.
100 gramsenergyFehérje gZsнr gcarbon hydrate g
goat milk29470445

Flesh, flesh meats
Excessively smoked, succulent products are generally not among healthy foods, overloading the stomach, intestines, and the addition of a strong spice enhances the thirst. Let us introduce it with more natural tastes. It also appears from the table that the ascended sausages contain inactive fat. Their own cooked meat, especially so-called white meat, is much more reliable than chicken breast. 100 grams contain only 470-500 calories and 1-3 grams of fat. Pigs should not be avoided either, but not on the side but with a thin loin or thigh. If we roast one kilo of meat at a time, we can slice it for ourselves and the rest of the family on those days. We recommend this instead of those with a lot of preservatives, foods, enhancers and fat!
100 gramsenergyFehérje gZsнr gcarbon hydrate g
Csabai paprika salami213450820460
Gyulai cooked pork sausage164039218360
Homemade dry sausages214651123450
Sweet peppercorns209249825430
Poultry (poultry) is up94922619160

Notice the low fat content of the high protein content of the gypsum!
Bread, pastries
It is worthwhile to choose the "browner" as well as the full leaches, as they contain more fiber. The dietary fiber provides the proper movement of the body and helps to remove harmful substances from our body. It is imperative to avoid sugared, refined products. Let us taste one slice of brown bread once, wrapped in chives, wrapped in fresh cucumbers and green peppers. You may not think of any more salami sandwiches!
100 gramsenergyFehérje gZsнr gcarbon hydrate g
Bakonyi brown bread10462499151
Wheat bran bread82519723122
Household biscuits177742310778
Cheese show, it's raining211350393143

Believe that the flesh is fattening. We used to say the fattening we put in. If you taste it with cream, you can't really count on it. But a drop of olive oil mixed with a drop of olive oil, seafood, tomato sauce with basil is a fantastic taste and flavor on the dish. We can do more to preserve our health by making delicate treats from egg-free durum cakes.
Vegetables form the basis of the diet. They can be consumed almost unlimitedly - without being boiled, steamed, roasted. Some herbs may cause bloating, but even if we have a slightly larger stomach in the evening, there is nothing to do with weight gain. It would be a mistake to give up cauliflower, cabbage, kelp, corn, green peas and other pods, since they contain the most decontaminated effective fiber. They cause a sense of satiety and also reduce our blood loss. As seasoned housewives know, you can reduce the inconvenience by dropping the first hot water. Like rectangles, most of the vegetables are the fat you add: fat, sour cream, skim, or, in the case of potatoes, the amount of fat you fry in the oven.
For fruits, lower calorie and carbohydrate contents are also preferred. We do not eat large quantities and often dried and canned fruits dripping from sugar as well as grapes and bananas with only other ingredients. For the interpretation of the data below, it is worth noting that a table of milk chocolate contains about 600 calories of energy.
100 gramsenergyFehérje gZsнr gcarbon hydrate g
Dried apples10162421455
Date, dry12933082173
Ground strawberries, strawberries14735117
Apricot Apricot202481110

Delicious delicacies
It is not a good solution to ban ourselves from all earthly things, but if we are "sinful", let us do it with martyrdom. Instead of chips that are rich in fat and high in fat, we prefer more oilseeds, if we want sweet water, fruits instead of chocolate, or homemade soda made from natural ingredients.
Good quality tap water and bottled gluten for our thirst quenching thirst. Let's drink as much as we can, always have a glass of glass in our hands, because we tend to forget about sex. We can reward ourselves with a decaffeinated tea, a sugar-free fibrous fruit, but milk, milk drinks are not thirsty, and sugar yeasts do not contain excess calorie bombs and any valuable substances.
Transparent snacks
When you feel like this, you absolutely have to eat something right now, try choosing one of the low-energy snacks below.
With an energy content of 100 kcal:
1 deci 1.5 percent milk + 150 grams orange
1 deci 1.5 percent milk + 100 grams of peaches
1 deci 1.5 percent milk + 30 grams of germska
1 deci 1.5% milk + 2 Korpovit biscuits
1 deci 1.5% milk + 20 grams Bakonyi brown bread
1 slice of toast bread (x) + 50 grams of reduced fat
1 slice of toast bread + 1 piece of boiled egg
1 slice of breadcrumbs + 1 deci kefir
1 slice of toasted bread + 40 grams of fat-reduced cheese (cumin, lentil, pritamin, garlic)
1 deci of natural yogurt + 100 grams of tomato
1 deci of yogurt + 100 grams of apple
(x) There is a variety of toast bread, such as Wasa, Lieken. Puffed Rice or Wheat is the solution!
With an energy content of 200 kcal:
40 grams rye bread + 50 grams turkey bread + 100 grams orange
40 grams Bakony brown bread + 1 piece boiled egg + 200 grams cucumber
5 Korpovit biscuits + 50 grams turkey bread + 50 grams strawberries
1 deci of natural yogurt + 30 grams of oatmeal + 100 grams of apple
2 slices Abonett + 50 g reduced fat fat + 100 g onions + 1 deci natural yogurt
1 piece of croissant + 2 deci curd milk or нrу
2 Abonets + 30 grams of chicken ham + 150 grams of tomato pepper


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