Baby Recipes: Chestnuts are still loved by bunches

Baby Recipes: Chestnuts are still loved by bunches

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Right from the start you can give your baby chestnuts, which are very delicious and full of vitamins.

Baby Recipes: Chestnuts are still loved by bunches

No one should think of frozen chestnuts with rum raisins. Chestnuts need to be roasted or cooked, and can be given in half as much as the baby eats more lumpy food. As with all new food, graduation comes first, with only a small amount at a time. Chestnut tends to make the baby feel better, and its sweet taste removes even the coolest kids. It is rich in vitamins B, K, A, C and E, so it's really worth trying it out.


All you need is 3kg of chestnuts and 6kg of potatoes. The chestnuts are cooked and cooked and mixed with similarly cooked potatoes.

Apple chestnut chicken

(7-8 days ago) Add:
10 dkg chestnuts
2 medium apples
1 piece of large potatoes
1-2 Chicken BreastsThis is not a particularly complicated recipe: boil potatoes and chickens, and if you think they are very soft, then add the apples and the spiked chestnuts. Cook slightly and then cook with the cooker. Of course, you can omit the meat from the recipe above, or substitute it with liver or egg, and substitute other fruits with apples.

Almond-chestnut-chestnut purée

Similar to the above recipe, you can cook cooked chestnuts with boiled apples and mix them in volume (8-10 months old). Instead of apples, we can add pear and rice instead of pork. Easily prepared and guaranteed to be healthy.
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