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5 qualities in which the mother confirmed

Pregnancy can be a tough school, but taking care of your little ones teaches you things you can't develop into a perfect school. You can then use these skills at your workplace.

5 qualities in which the mother confirmed

1. Flexibility

You are motherless or you have to adapt. Your date of birth is uncertain (at least not for the most part). After you are born, you will slowly become accustomed to not being able to tell when you are hungry, when you stomach to the middle of your back, or in the midst of it, and you can not even have pancreatitis and diarrhea. You need to know that most things just happen without planningand you have to adapt to that. In the meantime, you also realize that you have to regularly rephrase, re-invent, or invent new rules that you have previously set. You were unsuccessful in deciding that your child would sleep in the other room from the beginning, if this exercise led you to fall dead in the morning after a night of constant sleep. You have to get used to it you need to change your position periodicallyand you need to be flexible about the challenges of life. A few months later, and after a dozen or so kids, you look back in wonder: what a freak you were when your boss put a negotiation from one day to another.

2. Empathy

If you saw an earth-shattering child in your childhood, with their wings and nipples joined, and yelled "I want to," you had a public opinion about roulette and your parents. You know by now that there are a thousand reasons for such a performance, and that it's not so easy to avoid. You've already passed the "I'm tired, no one should come to me" status, and you know how to sensitize a baby's soles. After spending a great deal of time with a biennial, you will not be shocked by the profound emotional manifestations, even if someone else produces them. He has become mature, empathetic, not only choosing to treat children and adults alike.

3. Organizationalism

In logistics, a mother with many children is unbeatable. Even though the little one is asleep, the big one has to be taken to kindergarten and in the meantime jump into a prescription for a pediatrician. You should call her Grandma in days. Your lunch should be on the desk because the little one won't wake up anymore. The mosque is down. You want to read your mail. If you do not use the time-sharing technique, that is, to carry on various activities at the same time (starting with the sleeping baby, calling your mother hot while cooking, etc.), you will be immersed in the inevitable. Without shared attention, this is obviously unhelpful, and of course, you have to accept that there is more room for error (say, the hurt or the baby may wake up). You ask your friend to bring the prescription to the doctor's office anyway. You know you're the closest you can help him. You also don't have the time to think long-term about certain things. If you lose your settings in your mail client, you won't be bothered with it for hours, but you may need to fix it. Calling someone or saving your mind: solve it better for him.

4. Practicality

Every few days you will find out what the truth is: "The fish of action is smarting". Anyakйnt many times we find ourselves in a situation that requires an immediate solutionand then we'll fix it. Even though it is impossible to walk with the child at dawn? If you live in a corridor house and dedicate a dull throat at every dandruff, but relentlessly, you are afraid to leave the site before the other family member and all sixty inhabitants open. You take the baby, put it in the stroller, hold the dog, and walk a nice walk. Everybody's fine, the puppies are sleeping around the corner, the dog is happy, and you admire the sunrise. You can be prepared, you'll find yourself many times in a similar situation. You will still be collecting chestnuts at night (because they have to take them to the ovum in the morning), cooking a complete Sunday lunch out of raw materials (because everyone thought the other one would cost), and even shorter…) and so on. You find a solution for everything because you have to find a solution.

5. Patience

There is only one uber awake, but about twenty-five times he asked: "What is this?" You obviously choose it, as simple as possible. You set off as you crouch down in front of the next house to see the ants carrying something white. Of course, he asks "this is what?" And you make a plausible answer so you can get going again.You'll also come to Marika's cat who thinks you were deliberately slowing down. After the kitten, it is only possible to flutter on the curb, or the need to poke a pine cone, and on and on, and when it has fallen on the body, it will surely fall. So you go every day to the two corners of the grocery store under your breath, and of course, back much more. You have to let go of the idea of ​​"just skipping milk" and re-framing your "development program" because it is. And of course, with patience, accept the monotony, pick up the kid's rhythm.- We all have kids - tells Zsuzsa Zsohбr, head of the Aqua PR Fordet office. - By choosing the co-workers, I deliberately favored the parents. great logistics, prudent, good organizers, they work in multitasking, they are mature, they are thoughtful, and we know we need bread tomorrow. They are designed for a long haul. I see that they are not looking for the end of working time, but to complete the given task. They are much more relaxed, and relieved that they can be late adults. This is not the last motivation.