Does conception really lower libido?

I've been aware of the accepted view that if you are a woman of childbearing, you may want less sex. The researchers followed up. A surprising result was born.

How does libido affect conception?

A recent study has put an end to the concept of contraception that significantly reduces sexual desire. Other factors such as age and relationship length are more influential factors. Research is published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers at the University of Kentucky and Indiana University have found that women's libido is affected and further research is needed. you are, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. It is well known that oral contraceptives reduce sexual desire. However, this is not so sure Dr. Kristen Mark and co-workers of different contraceptives examined the effect on sexual desire in living women and males. " "The legtцbb kutatбs not take into account the relationship idхtartamбt, and the legtцbb fogamzбsgбtlуt hasznбlу a hosszъtбvъ, a member monogбm relationship нgy important to form a group of kutatбs sorбn.Hбrom kьlцnbцzх fogamzбsgбtlу mуdszer hatбsбt vizsgбltбk on sexually-orientated vбgyra kьlцnbцzх idхtartamъ heteroszexuбlis sorбn relations: the orбlis fogamzбsgбtlуkйt, egyйb hormontartalmъ fogamzбsgбtlуkйt йs not hormontartalmъakйt. Tцbb than 900 rйsztvevх solitary йs kettхs vбgyбt sexually-orientated, i.e. the egyйni or pбrkapcsolati libidуjбt vizsgбltбk the Sexual Desire Inventory eszkцz segнtsйgйvel.Az eredmйnyek alapjбn jelentхs kьlцnbsйg adуdott the kьlцnbцzх fogamzбsgбtlуk sorбn the nхk egyйni or pбrkapcsolati libidуja kцzцtt Among non-hormonal contraceptives, sexual desire was higher while oral libido was found in those who took oral contraceptives. higher.As soon as the researchers took into account the duration of the relationship and the age, the difference was no more significant. " "The implication that hormone-containing pills reduce sexual appetite is well-known in my clinical work. Our results are unambiguous. an anecdote to deciphering the mystery, so we can help women change their sexual desires over the course of their lives. "