Running after birth? 5 + 1 tips from the Olympic account!

Running after birth? 5 + 1 tips from the Olympic account!

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Even an athlete may take 20-25 kilos of excess weight during exercise. Do not be discouraged, it is not impossible for the mission to regain your pre-pregnancy shape, no matter how you approach her!

Tips on how to start running after childbirth

Read Zsufia of Virbg-Erdely Olympic Marathon Running Tips, and if you want to know more about fitness, or post-natal health, sports, check out this weekend BabaMama Expurra, the country's biggest adventure and baby event for parents. November 17-18-19th 200 exhibits, free tips, loyalty programs, and valuable rewards In Budapest Sports Club.

1. Don't Rush!

If you are just starting out with the idea of ​​playing sports, that is, if you are a beginner, then you should definitely change your lifestyle gradually. The relaxin hormone produced during pregnancy and lactation changes the body: weakens, relaxes the muscles and pelvic floor muscles, which in itself prompts caution, avoiding excessive exercise, and exercise. In this case, it is not worth starting the intensive running. running is one of the simplest forms of movement, because it can be done anywhere, anytime, in almost any way and anywhere. Fortunately, relaxin hormone levels gradually decline after birth, and if you also do intimate gymnastics to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you can start running 4-5 hours after birth. " if you are a beginner, you are a walking and running combo advise, which means you run and then actively walk for a while. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is for everyone. And you can gradually get to the point where the 30 minutes run at the same time, "assures Zsofia Virab-Erdely.

2. Confirm!

The running without brains can do more for yourselfthan the benefits of movement. Well, if you know that your spine will change during pregnancy and it will take time to recover. The process goes a bit on its own, but it is often worthwhile to help with specific exercises. If the stock muscles are not strong enough and the posture is poor, the whole spine and the businesses are subjected to extra strength. Rather than running, it is worth starting with strengthening. It is best to consult with a specialist about the proper form of exercise.

3. Yeah, but when?

If you have the fortress, you can start running at dawn before your family wakes up or after the kids have gone to bed. If it is important for you to move around and have a good time in your skin, then sometimes let go of the cleaning or the washing, the tanning, whatever is really worth it. If you want to explore the latest in life after birth, sports, then come to this week's BabyMama Expour, the country's most entertaining and baby friendly event. November 17-18-19, 200 awards, free tips, incentive programs and valuable prizes at the Budapest Sports Club.

4. Run with your baby!

"In running, it's also great that the little one can get lost in the stroller. While he looks and enjoys the open air, you can take the stress out of yourself," he said. terrain, feel free to jog in the gym. Find a baby-friendly fitness center so you can carry your baby in a stroller or baby stroller while you're sweating. But there is also a mammoth gym that provides childcare.

5. The most important thing: always relax!

Never lose the ability to sleep. There are many places to read to get her started in the gym when her baby is asleep, but since it's common for a mother to be sleepless and tired, take these quiet moments to rest. Get your kid in the gym when he is awake!

+1. Come to the BabaMama Expour!

Healthy lifestyle and sports are all about thousands of unanswered questions for all mothers. No matter if you are pregnant or in the aftermath, you may be thinking of countless clarifications. To learn more about suggested exercise and proper nutrition, come to the BabaMama Expur, the country's biggest adventure and baby event on November 17-18-19. Numerous exhibitions, on-site counseling and a stage program address health issues. Don't miss out, let's meet at the Budapest Sports Club!Related articles in running:
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