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Even if you live in a family home, you have to go to the playground

It can be very treacherous if you think your child is playing in the garden. It has completely different needs for its own garden than the playground.

Even if you live in a family home, you have to go to the playground

Not only do we come to the playground because there is no swing, slide, cat at home. But also because we can be with others. This is especially important when the child is still unmarried and / or has no siblings. The playground is also a socialization scene, where your child can learn social rules that he or she may not have at home.

What can a kid learn from a playmaker?

You can learn how to talk, play with other kids, meet very young and older children, watch, play, and play tricks. You can also see how other children play with each other, how they are with their parents. Make friends, share your games, or just ask for another one: in short improves both your communication and your social skills if you are in loose ropes with others.Most two and two and a half years later, the slow process of mailing begins, and then the mother is sure, but her remote presence gives the child the Also, when you feel the need. At home, we certainly can't guarantee the color of the games that a gaming player can provide. Of course, it is a good thing to have a garden at home and play games, but you have to think about your garden, work, play, and off, and naturally occurring living conditions. nor that all of our free time can be satisfied by the opportunities offered by the garden.
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