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Conscience is born

Conscience is born

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Don't be a bad boy! the kid hears from grandma. But what's wrong? And what's yours? It takes many years to understand.

When will you comply with the rules?We, as grown-ups, live by the rules, we strive to behave accordingly, and we teach our children this. Why can? That's why society expects this, so the world works. We try to make known, accept, and enforce the laws that surround us. We do not need to be present at the end of the process to do what we are expected to do. They want their "good" behavior according to the parents' values.

My mom liked me

Until the age of three the repetition of daily activities important things are important. At the same time every day, there is free play, lunch, and sleep (if you go to wisdom and then to school); learns what action our stone does. You know, we put on shoes when we start, wash our hands before going to bed, and after the toilet. These life-changing scenes have life in their tiny parts. You understand what you are free, what you do not, but at that point you do not want to, because you have it all, and your inner need for shoes and clean hands. Kizбrуlag the adults favored bear these "inconveniences". Both make it easy for the parent to have consistent, unambiguous expectations.


It's the age of the rubber studs

During school, social games get lost. This is the time when the child tries to carve out the rules in his or her own way, so that they can be understood only as long as they help them to win. The same cannot apply to others. How can a child be convinced that rubber tires do not appear? Patience.Some adults do not try to give a better impression by acting on the fears of the next arrogant, but by the fear of the next. This is a guaranteed and unsuccessful method in the long run. Patient summing up magyarбzat but it has helped the child to accept that there are many benefits to having the same rules for everyone. In social games, it is not a good idea to rearrange an entire field if someone is better than them. For the little ones, it's important to know that the gameplay belongs to the essence and excitement of the game: once it wins, at other times.


The fantasy, the ends, are an important part of the currency in the life of a four-year-old child. - "I have such a brother at home right now," Nelli, whose mother is expecting a second child, told the entire neighborhood. "Did you wash your hands?" - asking for the little paw. "Yes" - I get a quick, determined answer. Lie? Do you believe what you say? The child is at this stage of development does not make a difference between the five and the world between fantasy and dreams. They are all the same numbers. This also plays a role in his moral life. It is not the indices that make the decision, but the outcome. He undoubtedly considers physical harm to be punishable, but he does not consider the abuse, the coloring of the currency, to be a dramatic blunder.

More sometimes less?

In an experiment, two stories were told to small children. In one of them, a little boy wanted to help his mother, but accidentally dropped the six glasses on the tray and they all collapsed. In another story, in the anger of a little boy, the earthman hit a glass and collapsed. The children examined would have consonantly scolded the first little boy because they had done more damage. What does this prove to be? not very sophisticated yet in order to make a difference between material and insignificant, deliberate evil and unintentional. It is the role and responsibility of the parent to help the child slowly understand all this with examples and explanations.

Over the elasticity

Six weeks of age, the rules are easy to accept, and even more so, they become unquestionable. This is the "era of cookie-cutter", when the child will accept the rules as they are. That's right, because they said. Do not be afraid to understand what lies are, but the gravity of each statement cannot make a substantial difference. This ability develops only in the ranks of adolescent truth seekers in adolescence. This is when you get to use your own knowledge and experience to re-write the rules and apply them to your situation.How can we help him through this? Research and experience have proven that the tools of punishment and reward are significantly more effective and powerful than the example of the parents. But only if this behavior is honest, it comes from within. Children's sensors are infallible.Related articles in parenting:
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