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Sweet and juicy at the same time: apple-chicken pancakes

Sweet and juicy at the same time: apple-chicken pancakes

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Not just big buyers for picnics! The little ones are especially fond of the fruit-flesh pastry. If you're impressed with the food you love, the pancakes you love will be almost certain to succeed!

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We got six pancakes
two medium sized apples, one teaspoon of lemon juice, 25 deca of chicken breast fillet, 5 deca of caravan smoked cheese, matured sour milk, one teaspoon of butter, oil
Palacsintatйszta: one egg, so a tablespoon of whole wheat flour, 2 deci milk, half a deci bubblegum

Lighten the apple, cut out the kernel, and then crush the apple into small cubes. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Heat the butter in a frying pan, squeeze the apple cubes and simmer until soft, stirring frequently. Meanwhile, cut the chicken breasts into smaller pieces, fry them, and fry them in another pan, in oil. When you're done, cut sharply the chicken meat-covered chicken meat into small pieces, then stir in the apple and grated smoked cheese. Stir the pancake sauce thoroughly and fry in a lightly oiled pan. Put two or three tablespoons of the filling on a pancake. Roll it up tight and you can have it again. You can give it from one year old.

Free to eat by hand?

First of all! It is easier for the little one to understand that breast milk and other delicacies besides breastfeeding are also an option if you allow them to take a mouthful when you are sitting at the table. This is the most natural way of supplementing. This is especially important for those who do not want to make fun of the spoon. You may reject the chuck that you want with the spoon, but you can use your fingers to pinch cooked vegetables and banana rings. It may not be the food that rejects the food, it may just be the feeding method.
Find out if you eat hand-cooked rape or roast. As it does, the fork will cheer them on with pleasure. If you are able to do this, you will actually give a sharp fork, it will be easier to handle than a cannula. Let him think twice, he will soon be careful with the fork. However, it is not a good idea if you are in turquoise with your hand. It can't be eaten that way, but the little ones love to smudge, and generally don't encourage them to eat.


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