This is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

This is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

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It is not enough for the parent to encourage the child to eat properly, eat less ice and spend less time in front of the machine.

This is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

For a parent to have a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that the parent exemplifies himself. " if the parents themselves take part in the specific sport activity, the diet, "says research leaders Dr. Heather Manson. A study presenting the results is published in BMC Public Health. This means that it is useful for the parent to bring the child to play in the park, if they decide to have a healthy meal together, and if they do not even see the father or father in the net. And in Canada, a child is pregnant with excess, and in Hungary every fourth child, which poses a number of health risks. Doctors know for sure that living a lifestyle is not enough to move, but to spend less: you have to reduce it time spent in front of the machine.In Canada, for children ages 5 and 17, daily exercise is 60 minutes, which can be moderate or even intense, and it is also worth consuming 4-8 servings a day.


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