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A mother ran a marathon pushing three children

A mother ran a marathon pushing three children

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At least 84 pounds of the Missoula Marathon, a three-year-old mother finished off a goal at 3:11 and set a Guinness record.

The name of Cynthia Arnold, 35, may sound familiar: she was the one running a marathon in 2018, pushing three children in front of her. This time he thought of a daring: he decided to marathon with 3 children. In order to make this a Guinness record, he had to run 42 kilometers in 4 hours and 6 minutes. The plan was a great success, and even Cynthia far outperformed by 3 ounces in 11 minutes. The race was smooth, as the camera dropped off the car a couple of minutes before the start, . Luckily, I managed to fix the camera, which was still in place during the race.3 Hours Run the Marathon with Stroller 3 in 11 MinutesThe 1, 4, and 6 year old mother of a stretching baby carries a total of 84 kilos with a stroller - as much as she pushed herself to the "just" selfies. Cynthia's a real ambassador for stroller running and family moving. "Stroller running has many benefits and allows you not to give up on your mother's passion. I can only recommend it." Cynthia also told me that she runs with the kids on a daily basis in a stroller. The little ones are used to it, and since Montana's abilities continue to be visible (milk, animals), it is time to see or sleep. The mother will start off alone in the fall after the race and after that.


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