Well, your baby's head is plain

Well, your baby's head is plain

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Not easy for mother or baby. Simple births bear both of them. Your baby is working hard and has a long way to go. But it stays nice, you won't even get tired of it when you come to see it through a cesarean.

However, the importance of the baby's head should not be a concern;
And this also depends on the fetus, because the abnormal position inside the uterus raises the need for cesarean section. The most common is the dorsal root, which can stand in the baby's head, or cross, but in luck it can also turn around at the last moment. There may also be problems with the headrest, even if the baby's headrest is inadequate, cupping is the solution. It is not uncommon to have to intervene in vaginal delivery with a grasping device or a vacuum procedure. It depends on the institution which one to use. Use these methods when the mom is unable to exercise, because she is too short, or when the baby does not move forward.
The blockage may be associated with weakness in the head, but may be due to the mother's inadequate ability to function. Fortunately, the tiny head is light, their skull bones are soft, the seams are not closed and the well is open. These allow the head to adapt to the transition, since the head is of the largest diameter, so it is most difficult to birth. Occasionally, the head is born and afterwards the body does not come out with the same typhus. In the headache, only the head is visible.

Head deformation is only temporary and occurs in few days

The baby's head may become deformed. However, this is only a temporary status and takes place in a few days. In fact, the baby's head often appears with a few light eyes. The head is usually longitudinally compressed, the skull bones may collapse, in this case the edges are considered to be palpable. This cap, called a succedanem, is a temporary difference. During childbirth, a fluctuating tactile area may develop which is bloodless. This is also a harmless phenomenon, which is self-absorbed within weeks. The baby's eyes, double heart, may bleed, and it doesn't need to be done. When the baby's head is first born and stops, scary blue may appear, and bleeding will appear on it, fortunately this will go away by itself.
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