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I don't hide it, I push my cell phone a lot with the kids. Often because of my work, but it also happens that my baby boy falls asleep on a busy day, and I tend to wake up rather than accidentally wake him up.

Instamamik to followIn this case, a good time example is Instagram, which - if you follow the right users - provides information about the world at the same time, entertains, even teaches, motivates you. , but also true moments, valuable messages, and useful content: @forherszandraSandra used to be a beauty blogger, but since she became a mother, she has also provided lifestyle-related content and insight into her everyday life. Lili and Vince's plentiful duo are always able to produce new things, and Sandra has nothing to hide. Honest, direct and very, very authentic. If you are attracted to the world of makeup, cosmetics, and have a couple of tips for kids, check them out! Sandra is a regular vlogger - not just in the beauty scene - so you might want to look her up on the big video sharing portal as well.
// @anyaborbenblogFanni is the mother of a captivating fresh ovis twin couple, Dorka and Sara. Instagram is full of thoughtful, useful, and often-smiling content. It's very human, indeed, you can often feel it by looking at your posts as if they were good friends, even if you've never really met. In addition to her child-related posts, she also shares many useful household / home decor items, and in her outfit posts, she offers practical, but pretty, and feminine - free-to-the-skin "- mom sets. If you enjoy reading more than just a few pics, look for the Anyabe blog!
// @andibitayAndi is a slowly 4-year-old mother of Dvid who works as a freelance social media manager if she's not raising a child. Andi, the owner of Maisonblog, a blogger who promotes a minimalist lifestyle, and does not shy away from Instagram for tips that are simpler, quirky and environmentally friendly. You are not afraid to share your failures, your insults, your ideas based on your true experience, so you can easily incorporate them into your daily life. If you are interested in slow living, nature consciousness, simpler childhood, all of which is an endlessly kind, honest and honest mom, then you should follow Andi's profile.
@dorothyinstyleDuru is the mother of Olivia Liana, a bastard and tile, and she is a sought after stylist. Let's say you will immediately feel it on the basis of photography, since all its settings are perfect. Lina's adventures always make her smile, especially since they are almost old with my "grandfather" and I really appreciate even the slightest of events. In addition, Durri has also built a solid supportive community (@mommies_in_style) where mothers can exchange tips, get inspiration, and keep up with the kids and keep up with the latest trends.
// @szentjobbi_krisztaFor me, life can be quite a challenge, so Kriszta - the mother of five wonderful children (Zsombor, Zselyke, Sigismund, Zsanka and Zadadny) - is a superhuman. Looking at the Waldorf uvunn profile, they feel that they live in great happiness and harmony. Kriszta's profile is not the least for home decor inspiration, as their small country home has been matched with great care and good insight. If you find yourself resting and relaxing a bit in your daily routine, and charging it with some positive energy, then spend a few minutes in Kriszta's gallery.
// @pandarteblogBбnhidi Dуri design blogger. I have been following my creative lifestyle blog for years and years, I love the style. Your Instagram profile is an extension of this, where you can share workshops you create, get super tips for toddler programs, get creative gaming ideas, and report on your travel posts with the best of all, especially from home to child. Dуri is also a model of the @jogakaland children's yoga program, and you can find out more about this on Instagram.
// @rimoczizsofiZuffi is a very special girl, has a definite view of things in the world at a young age, and this has never been the case. Its natural, realistic worldview can filter out many people's eyes, but if we were more like yourself and a young yorker living in harmony with the world, the world would be a nicer place. Jude is a very fresh mother, just a little baby, Luna is only a few weeks old. We are constantly experiencing, learning from each other, so even if you are just dripping into maternity, you will enjoy enjoying Zhufi's content. You have an example of Mosipelus, Portability, but it is also worth reading about Zhufi's home birth story, which also highlights how we can choose the right way and find what's right for us.
// @halasz_eviЙvi is also a mother-in-law blogger, two sweets, mother of Abigail and Mom. It is our goal to help you get in shape with healthy recipes and to feed your family properly. You believe that we, too, must say yes to ourselves, and take the time to focus on our health and our Christmas. It is important that you read back to the gym soon after reading your regular and good quality exercise and your results. In the eyes of a photographer, it is guaranteed that the shaft will fit in the mouth. The good news is that if you follow your recipes, the results will not only be delicious, but also wit-friendly. In addition, a third baby can be consumed during the year, so it is possible to consume a sugar-free delicacy even during more pregnancies.
// @pixyreThe popular youtube was known to that single mom, but life has fortunately brought Martina back to life with her little son, Zalán's father. In addition to the vlogger's popular lifestyle videos, you post on Instagram in almost every subject, but one thing is the same in every subject - his irresistible optimism. Martina talks about the challenges of weekly weekends for children, read about Hypnobirthing, but has also tested a number of clean-up services, offered the importance of breastfeeding and vacations, and a lot of cute little zalzys.
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I find my cuckoo egg, Laci Farkas, who, though "instadaddy" I felt, can't miss out on the list of insta parents to follow. Laci is the proud father of the 1.5-year-old Bundi, who is not afraid to share - used to a very different male figure - that his family is most important to him. His gallery is fascinating, his pictures almost pop up, but his stories are always a smile or a little light. Bring up a kid, take a photo, take a nap! Sхt, sьt-fхz. Visit the Apukaland blog for more details.// articles:
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