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Parenting is close to forty

Parenting is close to forty

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Our readers learned from this baby doll how valuable each minute you can spend a little.

Parenting is close to forty

The first two and my third kids have a lot of age. We were expecting the third baby for years, not too young. At 35, I thought this was my last year of life to safely give birth to a younger child - but it took another year to conceive.
We hadn't even counted on it, so it was an indescribable happiness. My pregnancy - which was virtually problem-free - was overshadowed by data and examinations of older mothers. We did the combined test, the ultrasound, the three-dimensional ultrasound - it calmed me down a little, despite my "old" age I had no health issues.
Sхt: it was the easiest of the three pregnancies. I have no idea why the potential problems of early childhood need to be over-dimensioned! Our grandmothers also gave birth at this age, with the difference that today women often have their first baby, and they are pregnant many times. I was prepared to give birth several months in advance of my hometown. Since it was not my first birth, I knew what to expect. (My first birth was initiated due to an overload, the second emergency cup.) As I could not get an epidural, I knew that I had experienced more, more intense pain than before.
Finally, Eastern philosophy helped a lot, according to him pain is useful, only the western man wants to quench it everywhere.
On week 38, on a Sunday, I felt more and more frequent hardening. They were getting more and more tired, I knew something had started and despite being sent home from the hospital on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, my doctor reassured me that he was still a good man - that night. Unfortunately, I didn't bother with the strong headaches. I was overnight one night, and Thursday morning, at 6 in the morning, they were shelling. Needless to say, I was still two and a half fingers crossed.
Then my doctor turned to the most natural way in the world: press. It helped me to endure the pain of concentrating on the baby: I knew he was also a head, and the pain didn't last. Oh my lord, we're over it. So just the last one or two was really difficult. Did I feel like time was running out or was some new time coming up? And on the verge of exhaustion came the thought of total destruction: no more, I can't do it ...
In spite of all this, I tried to work with the cubs, my doctor, my mother-in-law, my son-in-law (who was actively helping), and my teachers. Sikerьlt. I went on with the clues. More than just an uber stretch, 6 minutes after 11 hours, your baby was born, a beautiful baby, controlled by a long run and a stretch with Apgar 10/10! Párom was by my side, leaving me alone for almost a minute. The twine was also killed by my son, repeating as he grew older.
Despite the long suffering, it was an incredibly uplifting situation and I told my couple that if I had to start over again, I'd do it again! In fact, I think no one is going to survive childbirth indefinitely, I am afraid that I was able to experience this miraculous experience with all its naturalness!
On the third day we were able to go home, but the first few days were overshadowed by my baby's upper respiratory infection. So far, I didn't think it would be like a baby like this. Breastfeeding was also difficult to start; she was able to suckle, and very nicely, even with her little clogged nose, I had to patch with formula.
Fortunately, the Nettle has gone away, and once a day diet has been omitted for a few weeks. Now she is breastfeeding for 10 months, in fact, sometimes she just wants to breastfeed, not to eat ... I breastfeed my first child for 1.5 years, my second child for 9 months (unfortunately she just went milk). I hope I can feed my baby so much. In addition to being healthy for the baby, resting for the mom, indelible sensation when sleeping in my arms after sucking: If you could, I'd love to stay with him for days.
Of course not, because I have to take care of two other children, but I have received the most beautiful gift in life, namely, In about forty years I could be a mother again. And baby days are awesome for all the hardships that come with it: I just really, with a more mature head, feel how quickly time flies by: motherhood should be enjoyed with the baby every minute!


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