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6 Things That Make Wonderful Kids… And Not Terrible

6 Things That Make Wonderful Kids… And Not Terrible

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Of course, sometimes your patience is overridden (for example, when you come to the supermarket in the supermarket, or when you pee in the middle of the room), but in reality, you only want attention and love.

6 things that make two-star kids wonderfulA two-year-old has so much new sensation that he is not always light on the face. He grows, develops, learns, and makes mistakes. You are definitely going to be nervous and frustrated because you are human, but we encourage you to remember that your two-year-old is not intentionally pushing your buttons. He just wants to show you who. There is also a love of bicycle age. Here are just about 6 reasons!

1. A two-year-old child loves you in your most adventurous state

Despite the fact that your morning breath is probably not the harshest, it still gives you the same enthusiasm. Even if you haven't showered in two days, he still says you are nice. When you get home after work and you sweep yourself home, they still come and see you without leaving. A two-year-old's love is innocent, forgiving, passionate and weak at the same time - which instantly melts the ego and your heart.

2. Remind yourself to kill the moment

Just think about the moments when you ride around in the living room when you are riding horseback and laughing. Hilarious happiness. In those cases, you are certainly not on your mind to do what you are doing, you are not worried about anything but you, and the moment.

3. Open your eyes to appreciate the little things

The little ones are always discovering new things all the time - and bringing to your attention something that you probably do not take into consideration. "Yes, my treasure, that bird is really victorious!" You're right, there's a train in the distance. Where do you think they are going? "They can still be a new storybook, just as they can help you dust off.

4. Confirm the power supply

Before you gave birth to a child, did you really exercise your imagination so many times? Probably not nearly as often as now! When you're the fairy-tale princess who needs to milk cows on the farm or the pirate who has to deal with sharks in the harbor of the sea, they all remind you that playing is a great job. And this can inspire you in many other areas.

5. Honest

A two-year-old, in contrast to the adults who pose for your senses, will not wall-talk, simply telling you if you have something in your mouth or have a strange smell. Thank him!

6. Your baby will remain forever

No matter how big / big you are, there will be moments when you always look like a little baby (especially when you are asleep!) - and swear that it will never change. He will always remain your baby who needs you. For example, when you scrub your knee, you hurry up to you, when you are extremely cold and snuggle up on the couch, or when you see your eyes light up when you get home. Then you really wonder how lucky you really are. They grow up so fast, but they need Ursian. Now. And you need those magical moments as well (article source here)Related articles in the book:
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