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Pуth Diana and KyraThere you are where we are!

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Puth Diana with her brother and one-year-old baby was born in 2010 in Cardiff, capital of Wales for the annual gala holiday.

Pуth Diana (29) Ice Skating, Multiple Hungarian Champion, European Championship 4th
fйrje: Gyepes Gbor (29) is a football player
gyerekьk: Gyepes Kyra 1 year old
The athletic house pair visits home several times a year, so we get a better microphone and lens in our home country, Zuglu.
- Were you pregnant at home or were you just coming home because of birth?

- We got home halfway through the pregnancy, I didn't want to fly anymore. Kyra was born at Gyula Nyörrh in Kourrhaz and was one month old when we returned to Wales.
- Your husband was there with his father?
- Gabb took leave for the hectic date, but of course Kyra arrived two days earlier, so she couldn't personally be there for her birth. Luckily, we could call her so she could hear her girl cry. When he found out that he was going to parent, he took a taxi while booking a plane ticket for him, and we were six hours short of us. In any case, it could not have been a paternal birth because the baby was ruffled and had to be bitten. Nevertheless, I could breastfeed from the first minute.
- How did you regain your competitive edge?
- I like traditional Hungarian food by the way, I do not like salad, vegetables, fruit, or poultry. I was lucky because, despite all the movements, I managed to keep the 50kg race smooth. During pregnancy, I went up thirty kilos, which I was able to get rid of in degrees, half a year, and since I started watching my meals, I did not eat carbohydrates and a lot - twice a day. It was a win-win for both of us: he slept big in the fresh air, and I walked and ate my calories.
- What's it like to be a little baby in England? Is there a difference to your home experience?
- There's a huge crowd! I like to be at home, but they are much more child-centered and helpful. Restaurants, lounges are equipped for families, there is a nursing room, a playroom, a family toilet, a family car park, which can be taken directly from the stroller to the shopping center. The stroller also has some transport, because the wheelchair and stroller are all accessible, and there is almost no place to get to. In the restaurant, beside the family tables, there is plenty of space for a stroller. I have not experienced all this at home, it is a real challenge to travel with a stroller, to shop, to arrange anything. In Wales, everyone has more children: they can afford it, and the state is more supportive of having a kid. People are very friendly, we live in a nice place on the waterfront. Imбdom.
- In the long run you're thinking in Hungary ...
"You don't wake up in either of us to live here: our family is here, our friends are here." We agree - if it weren't for us, we wouldn't have married at all.
- Your boss is an official footballer. I guess they didn't live like an ordinary family. How much does your child take out of your child's activities? - We have been together for nine years, we both play sports, and we had time to get used to the extraordinary lifestyle: coaching, competitions, foreign and domestic games, action. We've spent a lot of time together now. Due to the many turns in the league, there is little coaching. My boyfriend has two games a week, two days off, and the rest of the three days he takes part in a longer training session with us. He takes the part out of everything, and we also divide the morning portions in a 5: 2 ratio. My husband can't sleep well in the days following the game, so he wakes up to Cyrus, who is a very nice little girl and loves to sleep.
- If you want to go somewhere alone, who can trust your baby?
- No, but we shouldn't, we're very good at threesomes. At most we would go somewhere when we were home.
- Do you want Kyrab a little brother?
- Definitely when you come, welcome!
- So you don't plan on going back to skating?
- I don't want to skate. I have a coaching exam, if I come back, I will find a coach.
- You've been playing sports since you were two years old. Do you have any kind of imagination about your girl?
- I just want to play sports and we'll find out what he has in mind. It depends on whether you are leaner or more athletic, whether you like to play in a team or alone, whether you are comfortable with the ball or whether you are attracted to the ball. I think competitive sports are very important because they give you a sense of purpose and activity that helps kids in their teens. Many times you hear that competitive sports are taking away their childhood, but they generally disagree. I've always been with kids of my own age, playing and jogging before and after training, living the same social life as others, if not better. I missed nothing because of the two hours of daily training.
- The finest holiday of the eve is coming. Are you far from your first baby Christmas?
- We spent it in Cardiff, where three of our family members came - we celebrated. Kyra, of course, was asleep.
- This time, he understands much more of what's going on. Are you involved in the events or are you secretly making and watching the effect?
"Because I am alone, I can't hide much, so we'll buy the pine tree together and give it a go." I hand over the colored gifts, let them grab them and make them beautiful. Every once in a while in Cardiff, strangely three months are ready for Christmas each month, as October is all rushed up, and rushes in afterwards. They do this for 24 hours, they do not celebrate the sacred, then on 25 we treat each other, eat together, and so on. By 26, you are removing the Christmas trees in the squares, demolishing the decor, and starting the big end of the year in the shops, people are rushed to the revenue centers.
- Will the domestic mood not be overwhelmed?
- Let us know where we are together.