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A serious event occurred in one of the twin children of Siam

A serious event occurred in one of the twin children of Siam

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Rabeya's reconstruction has fallen, and Rukaya is recovering from a severe event.

The Action's Leading Doctors of the Served Foundation Foundation - Dr. Gergely Pataki, Dr. András Csуkay, and Dr. Marcell Csapody - returned to Dhaka on September 9 to September 1, 33 and start designing and implementing the fourth phase of the operation, entitled "Operation Freedom", rehabilitation and skull reconstruction.Serious event with one of the twin children of Siam (Photo: Actioned Served Charter) Rabeyбn - who you have already tйrt and azуta fejlхdik 5 days utбn magбhoz, beszйl йs jбtszik, you have already нgy to leave the intenzнv osztбlyt - 5 уrбs plastic sebйszeti beavatkozбst, koponyarekonstrukciуs mыtйtet йs hegplasztikбt vйgeztek doctors Pataki doctor vezetйsйvel September 11 йn.Rukayбnбl the vйgsх szйtvбlasztу mыtйt on the 33rd day, severe cerebral hemorrhage occurred. This is due to a clotting disorder caused by the return of previously successfully treated infectious events. As a result, the state, which has been improving continuously until then, has developed a significant disruption of the state of consciousness of children, while at the same time its limbs are still able to move and open their eyes. Nбla the felйpьlйs vбrhatу mйrtйkйnek felelхs tekintetйben statement now mйg not tehetх.Meggyхzхdйsьnk that gyуgyнtу tevйkenysйget segнtette greatly by the work of many tudomбnyos tбmogatу imбja, spiritual segнtsйge what is tovбbbra kцszцnьnk szйpen.A Cselekvйs Alapнtvбny Hungarian orvoscsapatбt in 2017 by the then kйrtйk mбsfйl йves Rabeya йs Rukaya szйtvбlasztбsбra, immбron 15 йvnyi domestic kцzhasznъ medical йs egйszsйgьgyi minхsйgjavнtу tevйkenysйg йs 7 йvnyi Bangladesh missziуs work utбn.A full egйszйben Hungarian tervezйsы йs kivitelezйsы "Operation Freedom" szйtvбlasztу mыtйtsorozat elsх fбzisбt kцzцs the brain fх szбllнtуйr section szйtvбlasztбsa meant endovaszkulбris method with Dr. István Hudbk in 2018, also in Dhaka. The Second - Plastic Surgery - Phase of the Specialized Hungarian Designed Implant System and the Graduation of the Ph.D. the fourth phase is currently undergoing rehabilitation and reconstructive craniofacial surgery in the field of plastic surgery under the direction of Dr. Gergely Pataki. To continue this series of operations, the Hungarian Medical Team of the Action Foundation still needs great financial and psychological support.
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