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Zente therapy is about to begin

In a record short amount of time, the total amount of gene therapy was added, and in the course of a week, people added $ 700 million to treatment. And the treatment is about to begin.

Zente Therapy Soon Begins (photo: Facebook)As we have previously described, Zente is suffering from a very rare disease called SMA (Spinal Cord Dystrophy), which costs a whopping 700 million forints. Your baby started a campaign and a record time spent collecting $ 700 million to start a treatment. which will then block the muscle-wasting substance. The outcome is, can the procedure continue, can the therapy be effective at all - reports And that made me hope, "shared Zente's mom." My mom had to go home, now we're two with a baby, and we can't go anywhere anymore, so my daily gymnastics will stay with me, thank you very much! these are the energy to success, to overcome the obstacles, and not to be nervous. movies, "the mother continued. "All the results were good except the rhinoceroses. It turned out that Zente's nose had a bacterium that had to be eradicated urgently before the immune system was weakened." Before treatment, Zente receives a steroid medication to weaken the immune system. This is because Zolgensm is given a dose that the body does not normally respond to - " - Januskou Flurra, Head of the SMA Hungary Foundation. You will need to take Zenta for another 30 days after treatment, depending on the patient's body. "We are confident everything will be fine," he added.
The result of the blood test is valid for thirty days, so Zente will undoubtedly receive the handler again in October.
  • International donations have begun for the other annual Sentry
  • The last 100 million were referred to by one person as Zentee
  • There was also a fundraiser for another SMA baby boy