Tested: with beans on the Volt

Tested: with beans on the Volt

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Although my own baby is growing because they have grown in size, the editor is also working on the festival to enjoy the best days of the year: I have been watching their baby fans. Röviden: Jul.

Photograph: Bvlits Йva, Volt 2011. Pбl Street Fiъk

He appreciated the super-safe baby favorites on the Weekly Answer Stage, from the Alma band to the dollhouse to the circus. He was either laughing and running around in a crowd that was not too disturbed, or watching the concerts in Dad's neck. Those who like the little ones by the volume are sure to be right, and I haven't really seen anyone who was dumbfounded, but from a fair distance I think they enjoyed the tempo.

Photo: Bblitz Йva

Unfortunately, I stopped by the time I got the phone to take a picture of them, but I didn't laugh at the baby, just like the half-year baby girl (pictured) that her father had begun to shoot and that she wanted to.
Sleep, diaper, limit it
I also saw a lot of baby crying in the stroller, not really protesting against the noise. The fact that there is a baby who can only become numb to the sound of the dust or crumbs is no wonder. Of course, they have to be taken home at night, and I don't think they're going to move with such a big kid. Nor do I dare to imagine that one of the flashes in front of the stage would tie the baby in a carry-on and jump to 30 Seconds To Mars.

Photo by: Somay Mбrk, 30 Seconds To Mars 2011. Volt

What's for sure: I saw happy adults - with babies on a regular basis. So, in August, the Island!
Read Our review of this year's Summer Music Festival is based on aspects that come with the child.