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Are you kidding your kid? You hate your parents!

Are you kidding your kid? You hate your parents!

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Many parents question the eating habits of their children: the main concern is that the child is over-hungry, and therefore a number of important nutrients are not absorbed by the body.

Are you kidding your kid? You hate your parents!

At the same time, according to University of California staff in all cases, children only mimic the behavior of their parents at the table.Kids decide - naturally, naturally - how much and what they eat, what they see from their parents. If parenting and avoiding certain foods, the child will not like them either. That is why if a parent wants their child to consume broccoli well, it is worthwhile to start with a good example from the beginning. " social activity. Socialization is practically more important here than anywhere else. Not only are you eating what you eat, but also counting who you are eating and how others are eating around you. And for kids, the Szolnok pattern weighs a lot more than that, "concludes the study Dr. Zoe Liberman, who says people not only eat more when their table mates eat more, but their food preferences also change. they also like to eat the food they enjoyed with their parents at home. You may also be interested in:
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