When are they tested?

When are they tested?

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We have many exams available at the time of pregnancy. The results can help the health of the mother and the fetus.

Pregnant care aims to detect risk factors in a timely manner. Listed are the exams that are recommended for all women in the study.
  • on first appearance: cancerous, complete blood count, urine, blood test
  • 11-13. per week: genetic ultrasound + blood, over 37 yrs genetic counseling
  • at week 16: fetal tone from that date, hepatitis B screening,
  • 18-22. hét: genetic ultrasound
  • 24-28. per week: gestational diabetes screening, blood, urine
  • 36-37. weekly: blood test, urine test
  • It is also advisable to visit a dentist once a trimester.

    Many exams can be requested during pregnancy, such as ultrasound

    - for the second third of every meeting: blood pressure, urine (white blood), body weight, blood group incompatibility antibody measurements
    - a 24-28th blood sugar test with test breakfastif the result is abnormal blood glucose test, screening for vaginal infections, and urinary incontinence in case the baby has complaints, additional blood test, ultrasound for fetal growth
    - CTG / NST test once a week from week 36, starting every two days after birth (this test provides an update of the fetus's current status)
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