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Zalan's eighth month

Zalan's eighth month

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In our series, you will learn about the development, change and birth of a real baby every day. Zalánn was also hit by the first illness this month, of course, if the little folks were not counted.

Series of baby development
Frenreis Zalбn
Birth weight: 3800 grams
By the end of the eighth month: 7,480 grams
Йdesanyja: Epres Judit Photo Model (34)
Йdesapja: Zoltán Frenreisz Lawyer, business (31)
Testvйrei: Benedek (9) and Бgoston (8)
Three-day fever
Judit was reading about this disease in Kismamab, which is characterized by the fact that the child has a high fever for three days, and then has a reduction in the temperature of the fever. Because they are caused by viruses, there is no need for herbal remedies other than corticosteroids. Probably Zalan could have been sick of this, because as he came, the illness had gone away without a trace. No worries, rejection of the usual solid foods, and more frequent breastfeeding - these are all indications that something is a little different now.
He eats it with you
"Bar is the sweetest fan for the time being," says Judith. The menu is a bit unanimous, but variety is not so important for a nursing baby. In Zaln, she prefers raw apple, banana, and wholegrain cereals mixed with cereals, and for lunch, steaks, which are the most important ingredients in roasts. This two get-togethers have been firmly on the agenda. No more teeth, but now it has been slowly the third month of intense nausea, fingering, everything in the mouth.
In the field of movement development, this period is marked by small but significant changes. For example, dogging has begun, a special form of movement that combines slipping in the abdomen with more effective training. Zalán puts himself in the forefront and swings back and forth. This will also give birth to momentum to progress. You can push yourself almost perfectly out of the bunch, but it still relies on your hand. It's not such a simple movement developmental stop, it's not uncommon for many babies to learn to stop before they wake up! Jumping as Zalnn directs interesting and tiny objects, he shows off his index finger and bends only the last finger to tear at what he finds. Who can do it afterwards?
Shimmy shimmy-!
This is how to teach Zalan how to treat Lulu with gloved hands. And your baby really has the good intentions. He doesn't type the puppy's hair on his hand, but he seems to understand what caressing means. Augustine seemed to be more balanced in the last few weeks. Not so scathing, inward turns, after trying to find a common name for what he feels. - Can't you be shy about Zalan? - asked her mom, and maybe it's really simple, "let's call it my name!" it took a turn to talk again about the complex set of senses caused by the small appearance and persistence of the family.
Zalan is happy to do and play on the carpet. Certainly not the kind of games that the eight-month-old is thinking of. But only with what he often saw in the hands of the big two. And this is the New Age, the Bakugan Ball. These will be played to urns. They can't do anything about them, they just scratch it, fit in a very small grip, and for weeks, these things are infinitely interesting for two big enthusiasts and patrons. Of course, Lulu also noticed the Important Objects, so the balls were repeated in their mouths. Zalan is not unlike the destruction of eight to nine huntsmen. He is very careful about everything and will return when he hears: he must not!