Hiding patients

Hiding patients

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According to surveys, only one in six of the children with night sickness is referred to a doctor for a problem; chronic childhood disease can ruin the lives of others for up to many years.

There is a lot of lack of capital

The leading pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologists and nephrologyists from Central and Eastern European countries have presented a new study on medical procedures and procedures. The international exchange of experience revealed common problems: in many cases, the cure of the disease is prevented by the inability of parents (in the worst case, by the cure-.The first step in finding patients (who do not seek medical attention because of their hardship) is to have them undergoing appropriate medical treatment (the disease can be cured in many cases!) it depends on co-operation. It is very important to have contact with home doctors, nurses, school doctors, kindergarten educators as they first meet with the patient. Unfortunately, if they are unaware of the operation of the so-called Enuresis Centers, or new therapies, then there is little chance that the patient will be treated.

Professional help

It also stops healing if patients go "too early" (because, for example, they do not tolerate this disease in kindergarten) or go "too late" (often only in adolescence!). However, the disease seriously affects the child's psychological and social development: a child who is not or improperly treated can become self-reliant, recuperative, avoids the social life of the other child, deteriorates in his / her evaluation, has integration, and has behavioral problems. The most important thing is to make passive patients active partners in therapy.
Participants in the conference agreed that this was a necessity to broaden the focus of action on the patient. Csehorszбg pйldбul their web, and Lengyelorszбg jбr school tбjйkoztatбsban the йlen.Magyarorszбgon the felvilбgosнtу tevйkenysйget the Szбraz Йjszakбk, Derыs Days Alapнtvбny koordinбlja which цsszehangolja the orszбg terьletйn mыkцdх 32 Enuresis Center mыkцdйsйt mobile infу mыkцdtet-line (06-20 / 478 -5330) and also provides information on the Internet (
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