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Doesn't depend on the triggered birth with autism

Doesn't depend on the triggered birth with autism

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According to experts, there is no correlation between the birth and the autism, so there is no need to change the best practice so far, as if you do not initiate a baby artificially, you will lose everyone.

Although some studies have reported that it is oxytocin and artificially accelerating the birth process can cause autism risk, according to the USG, there is no clear evidence of such interventions, and the lack of such interventions is a risk to health, as well as to the number of congenital births.

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As dr. Jeffrey Ecker explained that in the practice of birth, starting a baby has a very important role to play in both the mother's and the newborn's life, so there is no need to change this practice. For more details on the committee's position, see Obstetrics & Gynecology cнmы reads the inquiries.


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