Lawyer if you don't have rooming-in at the hospital

Laszlo Laszlo Ombudsman turns to the profession because it is legal when a newborn is chosen from his or her mother without birth for health reasons. This is a common practice in schools.

Two NGOs complained that it is common practice in Hungary today to separate a newborn and a mother. In their submission to the Ombudsman, it was stated that the procedure was contrary to the provisions of the Health Law which, in the interests of both the mother and the child, considered co-location, the so-called "rooming-in" system.Right to choose a newborn for maternity reasons for no health reason Laszlo Laszlo, the Ombudsman, opened an inquiry and explained in his report that the principle of privacy and the protection of the rule of law and the best interests of the child; family life is respect for the right to respect kуrhбzi any practice which - leaving the tцrvйnyi garanciбkat kнvьl consideration - egйszsйgьgyi nйlkьl reasons, kьlцn kйrйs elvбlasztja the ъjszьlцttet ellenйre the йdesanyjбtуl the szьlйst kцvetх kуrhбzi ellбtбs sorбn.Az anyбnak has the right to helyezzйk a helyisйgben the ъjszьlцttel, if this is not it also poses a health risk to any one. The law recognizes mother and child as a whole, and defines worthlessness as one. It is unacceptable that this statutory warranty rule should be nullified, attitudes toward the department's routine, daily routine, or staff working there cannot give legal impediment to the development of child-centered solutions. Such scars are not legally justified. The Ombudsman also drew attention to the fact that in the days following childbirth, the mother - due to her fatigue, fatigue, and no obligation to justify - can seek help from the hospital staff at any time.
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