Getting ready for conception

Getting ready for conception

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Pre-conception, every-detail examination, consultation with the geneticist, psychological counseling, lifestyle advice - as if we were reading the services of a luxury clinic in an advertisement.

Getting ready for conception

Few people take the time to do this, we tend to rely on the unintentional, when, under what conditions will your baby be caught. However, statistics show that not everyone is lucky: one part of the couple will conceive, but with more or less disability. The question arises: have parents really done anything to bring about a healthy, healthy afterlife? However, it is really only a matter of time and determination to do something more conscious and cautious, as the above are not the services of a fashionable self-proclaimed dude, but the National Institute of Child Health Prevention.

Great services

In Hungary, the 1984 Family Planning Program, which aims to: to have as many healthy babies as possible. Just two decades ago, there was only a handful of experts available, such as the recent realization that a small child has the risk of developing a cerebral palsy in the fetus. Research has proven to provide significant protection against open spine or skull deficiency when a prospective mother folic Acidalso included multivitamin tablettбt you are taking at least one month before conception and the first three months of pregnancy. This provides a ninety-percent protection against the above abnormalities. The model experiment began with the combined application of state-of-the-art prevention methods, followed by folic acid dosing, and was gradually extended to the services. Examinations during pregnancy are all about showing if the baby is healthy. However, due to primary prevention, the likelihood that the fetus will be healthy is significantly increased.
Later, it was also found that taking a multivitamin while taking a pill is close to 60 percent protection against heart failure and kidney problems. Using the experience of the past two decades, the Department of Prevention at the National Institute of Child Health has developed a complex program that will help you not only plan for your children, but also for your childhood.

Who can claim it?

The Family Design Program is like that couples or women Candidates who want to have a child in the near future are not yet pregnant and have no suspicions of infertility or difficulty in conceiving. It is important that you report to the Family Planning Center three months before your planned conception. Ideally, not only the prospective mother, but also the father, will participate in the guided program, but the application is of course free. For the time being, this service is only available in Budapest, but since it is advisable for attendees to attend several meetings in a problem-free manner, this may not be an insurmountable task for applicants in the country.

Preparing for conception

  • If your expectant mother is taking a pill, she should stop and advise others (for example, using a condom) during pregnancy. The tablet temporarily stops the production of female sex hormones and stops taking them the organization needs time to restore hormone regulation. The three-month recovery period generally provides sufficient time for regeneration
  • .
  • Germ cell protection a suspension of smoking it is justifiable not only for the prospective mother, but also for the prospective father.

  • THE alcohol and caffeine consumption also significantly you have to goand only medicines prescribed by your doctor.

  • We also taught attendees the correct measurement of the Awakening temperature, as it can clear the ninety-percent of women's time of overexertion, and henceforth. It is important to always measure the temperature at the same time and in the same position.

  • Javasoljбk fetal vitamin, including Elevit Pronatal, during the three-month pre-conception period and in the first three months of pregnancy. Many people are not taking fetal vitamins because they are afraid that they will give birth to a puppy. However, this does not need to be considered if you limit the pick to the period specified in the program.

  • To eliminate workplace hazards, regular dental check-upsThe program executives also suggest a mini-marathon.

  • In the queue for a malformative malformationsspecial attention is given to them, and if the family can be crippled, genetic counselors will advise. The specialist will give you an accurate picture of the likelihood of a New Year's Eve occurrence and answer the important question of how to prevent it.

  • Healthy mother

    The three before the day's preparation is certain szыrхvizsgбlatok I would recommend doing it. The health of a woman who is planning a family is important for conception, for wearing the pregnancy, and for the healthy development of the fetus.
    If the prospective mother is a chronic patient, special care is recommended, which should be started shortly before pregnancy (eg, diabetes, kidney disease), so the risk can be significantly reduced. Screening tests also screen for possible vaginal infections, which is important because there is a surprisingly high incidence of young women turning to the Institute forty percent. The infection is often asymptomatic, usually simple and quick to treat, but its survival can cause serious problems during pregnancy. Appropriate therapy is recommended by the Institute's gynecologist.
    New to the jury examinationthe. This is because mild juvenile deficiency can be problematic, can lead to premature birth, and may prevent the fetus from developing optimum mental development. If your expectant mother is suffering from anemia, it is advisable to terminate it early in pregnancy, as pregnancy may predispose to anemia. Women who have not been infected with rabies or chickenpox will also receive appropriate vaccination.

    Healthy father

    The male designer of the family is capable of microscopy ondуvizsgбlatTal is checked. If the number or motility of the sperm is inadequate or if an infectious currency can be diagnosed, an andrology specialist will assist you in solving the problem. The excess of these can be easily remedied. Seventy years ago, 40-50 million sperm / milliliter was the accepted value, and now 20 million sperm / milliliter is considered normal. Experts have explained this high reduction primarily by environmental pollution, but they also reiterate that rubber used to be a substance that undermined the sperm's lower sperm production capacity.
    It may also be necessary to address sexual dysfunction and, where appropriate, give advice to a psychosexual. A series of tests can help you identify and almost always remedy the risk factors to a healthy baby's birth.
    The third meeting takes place before you become pregnant, and the fourth meeting just afterwards. Each time a brief checkup follows. Let's go to 6-8. in weeks, couples can meet with professionals. They perform an early ultrasound scan to determine if the fetus is adhering to the body and provide new tips for the baby, such as what to do in case of high fever or viral infection. After that, the couple will be able to choose a place for pregnancy care and birth independently of the Family Planning Center. However, there is another program available at the Institute, such as preparing for a parenting role and fostering a positive maternal / fetal relationship.
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